Orange Tracker (OT) projects have two sections dealing with notifications. Notifications are messages sent from the system when certain events happen. For example, the Agents are notified when a new ticket is created and an email is sent to each person, notifying them of the event. The email address will be <projectkey>@su-jsm.atlassian.net.

The OT system now divides the notifications into two sections:

  • Internal Jira Notifications are the standard Jira notifications we are used to
  • Customer Notifications are only sent to the Customer/Reporter and any Request Participants listed in the ticket

Customers and Request Participants will not receive any Internal Notifications. Many migrated Jira Notification Schemes show the Reporter being notified on certain events. The Reporter will not be notified by this as it is an Internal Notification. Internal Notifications are only for Agents and Project Administrators of the project.

For information on Internal Jira Notifications, please see the following page: Orange Tracker Internal Notifications

Customer Notifications

Customers will receive a simpler email and the events used are:

Customer invitedWhen a customer is invited to your service project portal, they are sent an email.
Request createdWhen customers create requests in the portal or send an email to your email channel, your service project sends a confirmation that their request was received.
Public comment addedWhen a comment that is visible to your customers is added to the request/issue, your service project sends all the customers involved on the request a notification.
Public comment editedWhen a comment that is visible to your customers is edited, your service project sends all the people involved on the request a notification.
Request resolvedWhen a request resolution field is set, your service project notifies the reporter and all customers involved. This notification is sent to the reporter even if they have turned off notifications for a request.
Request reopenedWhen a request's resolution field is cleared, your service project notifies all people involved.
Participant addedWhen participants are added to a request, your service project notifies the new participants.
Organization addedWhen a request is shared to an organization, your service project notifies the organization's members so they can opt-in to further updates.
Approval requiredWhen a request transitions to an approval stage of its workflow, your service project notifies approvers that they must act on the request.
Customer-visible status changedWhen a request transitions to a status that is visible to the customer, your service project notifies the customers involved.

By default all notifications are on, but the project administrators have the ability to enable/disable each one.

If you have Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) surveys Enabled, you'll need one of these Enabled for CSATs to work. We recommend Enabling the Request Resolved. For more information, please see: Orange Tracker Customer Satisfaction Surveys