Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) surveys help measure how your customers are satisfied with the project team solving issues. The Orange Tracker system contains a basic survey. For a more advanced survey, Qualtrics, Jira Forms, or a separate survey tool could be used.

To learn more about CSAT's, please see the Atlassian documentation:

In order for CSAT to work, the project must have Request resolved customer notification is enabled, or the Customer-visible status changed customer notification enabled. For more information on customer notifications, please see: Orange Tracker Customer Notifications

Orange Tracker Customer Satisfaction Surveys

The surveys are quick for the customer, allowing the customer to rate the support on a 5 star rating, and provides an additional field to write any comment.

The Orange Tracker system provides a simple mechanism to collect customer feedback. When an issue is resolved, an email is automatically sent to the customer. If CSAT surveys are enabled for your service project, this email will include a form that allows customers to leave a rating and some written feedback about how their request was handled.

As a project manager you can access this option in your project by:

  1. Project Settings
  2. Satisfaction settings
  3. Toggle Collect satisfaction (CSAT) feedback on/off (see image below)

This information is captured in Orange Tracker and can be viewed in the satisfaction report.

Advanced Surveys

If advanced surveys are needed, the CSAT feature will be turned OFF and the project can incorporate the advanced form. Qualtrics or Jira Forms are options.

For a more robust customer satisfaction survey solution Jira Forms can be utilized.  You can use the template "Company Feedback" and customize it to your needs. Please see How to Create a Jira Form