The Orange Tracker and Answers (and vice versa) integration is still functional between the two applications through Oauth. A minor change that will occur, as Answers is connecting to a "new" application, is that you may need to re-authenticate (not re-login) between the applications for pages containing the Jira macro. The Jira macro on an Answers page will contain a link directing you to the re-authentication page. The re-authentication will only need to be done once.

Orange Tracker to Answers

Going to a linked Answers page on a Orange Tracker request follows a similar process, as it will provide you a link presenting the dialogue to re-authenticate the other way. 


See the following screenshots for examples on how this will appear.

On an Answers Page using the Jira Macro

Select the Authenticate link to start the re-authentication process. 

Jira Macro Dialogue in the Answers Editor

Select the Login & Approve link to start the re-authentication process. 

Re-Authentication Dialogue

This is what will appear when selecting the either of the re-authentication links mentioned above. Select Allow to complete the re-authentication process.