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Browsing of Projects

When you select "view All Projects" from the "Projects" menu, the projects are listed in alphabetic order by default (before, the project list was grouped by category).  If you want to narrow down the list of displayed projects, you can select a project category from the left-hand menu.  You can also use the search box at the top of the project list to search for a specific project.

Absolute Dates Displayed on Issues

After the upgrade, the specific date and time will be displayed in the created date and updated date fields. Before the upgrade, the created date and updated date in Orange Tracker displayed as relative date if the date was within one week of today's date (yesterday, 2 hours ago, etc.).

Before Upgrade:

relative dates of just now for created and updated date

After Upgrade:

absolute dates showing exact date and time

Enhanced Text in Comments

You can now added bold, italicized, underlined, and colored text to issues using the comment editing toolbar.  You can also add headings, bulleted lists, numbered lists, emoticons, and other effects.  These enhancements are generated using wiki markup.  Use the buttons on the editing toolbar (ex:  the "B" button for bold text), and the appropriate wiki markup will be added to the text.  Use the "preview" button in the lower left corner to see how the text will appear when you save the comment.  The wiki markup will be converted into the appropriate text effect during the comment save process.

Comment with wiki markup (what you see as you type the comment)

comment with wiki markup and preview button in bottom left


Preview of Comment (what it will look like when saved into issue)

comment with text effects during preview mode

Drag and Drop Attachments into an Issue

You can drag and drop one or more files into an issue while creating or editing an issue.  Navigate to the "Attachments" area of the screen that appears when you select the "Create" button to create a new issue or when you select the "Edit" button of an existing issue.  Drag the files into the attachments box and then select save/update.  You can only drag and drop files – you can not drag and drop folders.

New Pie Chart Look and Feel

If you use pie charts on your dashboards, they have a new format.  A legend at the bottom of the pie chart is used to detail the sections of the chart.  Hover over any of the sections, and the information relevant to that section appears in the middle of the pie as well.

pie chart broken out by issue status

Create Another Issue Now Includes Custom Fields

When you create an issue and select the "create another" check box, the field values you enter (including custom fields) will be pre-populated in the next issue you create (custom field values were not pre-populated previously).  Note that Summary is not pre-populated in any additional issues generated by "create another"  - it must always be entered.

Request Feedback Screen

When you select "Request Feedback" from the workflow of an issue, the email that is generated is always sent to the reporter of the issue.  Because the previous "Request Feedback" screen included the assignee field at the top, some Orange Tracker users were confused about who would received the email generated by "Request Feedback."  The assignee field has now been removed from the request feedback screen, and text indicating that the email will be received by the reporter has been added.


Request Feedback screen showing no assignee field and text stating email will be sent to reporter


Email This Issue Updates

When you select the "Email" icon on an issue, you now can set options to control the behavior of the email that is generated.  Options you can elect to set include:

  • Add email recipients as watchers to the issue (note that the recipient must have permissions to view the issue for this to function properly)
  • Send email with yourself set as sender (the project email address is used by default)
  • Make replies go to you instead of the project issue (any replies will not be added as comments to the issue if you set yourself as the sender)
  • Include issue comments in the outgoing email
  • Choose HTML or Text for this email (needs to be HTML if using text formatting in body)

You can also use text effects (bold, underline, bulleted lists, etc.) in the body of the email (the email type must be set to HTML for this to work).  The text effects available are the same used for creating text effects in comments (see Enhanced Text in Comments).

You can also save the options you select to be used in future emails sent using the "Email" button (the email options will not affect email notifications generated automatically by Orange Tracker).  These settings are per user and browser specific.  If you use multiple browsers with Orange Tracker, you will need to set the email options in each browser.


Workflow Order

The order of the options under the "Workflow" button has been improved.  The "Mark as Spam" option has been moved to the bottom of the list so consultants don't accidentally mark an issue as spam (which results in the issue's removal after 30 days).

The "Start Progress" button is always in the same location on the Workflow menu (before it used to move under certain conditions).

Workflow order showing start progress and the options under the Workflow button





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