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The ITS Academic Applications and Platforms (AAP) team will be upgrading Orange Tracker (OT) to a newer version over the summer 2018. This upgrade is to stay current with our support agreement as well as add new features and streamline current processes within the system. This page lists the updates and improvements to OT and the plugins we use within the system.

Timeline of Upgrade

This is a list of important dates in regard to the upgrade. These dates may change by a few days if needed and users will be notified:

06/15/2018Upgrade OTTST
06/19/2018User Testing BeginsTST
06/27/2018Reminder Email for TestingTST
07/16/2018Reminder Email for TestingTST
07/30/2018Final Email for TestingTST
08/03/2018User Testing EndsTST
08/05/2018Upgrade OTPROD

Testing Phase

This testing phase will last for several weeks as we understand people take time off during the summer. To ensure people have enough time to complete all testing, the testing phase will last until August 3rd. By this date, all testing needs to be finished and feedback sent in via this form:: OT Upgrade Feedback Form

To start the testing, please log into our test environment, and test a following items:

  • Ensure you can log into the system
  • Ensure you have access to the projects you have in production
  • Ensure you can create issue tickets, comment on existing ones, etc.
  • Move an issue ticket through the workflow and changing its transitions
  • Watch issues and add other users to issue tickets as Watchers
  • If you are a user who adds user accounts or preforms user look ups, please ensure the User Management pull-down is at the top of the menu bar

This should be considered the baseline for testing. Additional testing should include items users do on a daily basis. Some examples may be:

  • Use the Email button and email an issue to another user not on the issue ticket
  • Move/Transfer an issue to a different project
  • Create new issue tickets, via email and/or through OT via the Create button
  • Add/Edit/Remove attachments to an issue
  • Add/Edit/Remove project components
  • Add/Edit filters

The test environment data should be very close to the production system as we refreshed the test system on 06/15/2018 with production data. This gives us a chance to review the system and not disturb the production server. Keep in mind, the Test server does not send out messages to users via email. This is by design and all other items function as normal.

List of changes that you will see:

Project Sidebar

The project sidebar is a new navigation experience to make it easier for you to find what you need in your project. You can also create project shortcuts to jump to other projects quicker. This sidebar is expandable and collapsible by the last icon on the sidebar.

Notification Schemes

We have added a few more notification schemes based on feedback from some users. These schemes, and all standard schemes, are documented on our Answers page.

User Directory

The user directory will be upgraded to support the changes made by the Identity Management (IDM) team. In addition, the directory will sync with the LDAP server every 12 hours to ensure all users have been added into the system. This will eliminate the need for users in a Consultant role to create SU affiliated accounts. This change will automatically add all SU affiliated user accounts into the OT system. Users will still have the ability to create non SU affiliated accounts.

SU User Management plugin

The user management pull-down has been revamped and consolidated to go in parallel with the directory changes. Users with a NetID will be automatically added into Orange Tracker, and there is no longer a need to create users who have a NetID. OT will still automatically create an user account if the user emails a project and that user account is not in the system. If there is a NetID that is not in Orange Tracker please request this through the Orange Tracker team at

Since the user population within OT has been streamlined, not many projects will need the ability to create users using this plugin. This is a change for some projects who needed to create user accounts for new students who were not in the system. Consultants can also create users who are not affiliated with the university (ie, does not have a netID). The plugin only requires the Email Address, Full Name, and Password. The username will be set to the email address field. If your project needs the ability to create users, please request this through the Orange Tracker team at

Many projects will still need to lookup users in LDAP. This feature within the plugin is very useful. Certain users can search for other users by SUID, netID, and/or last name. The plugin will return all users who meet that search criteria. The SUID field has been removed from the search results for security reasons. Clicking on a user will bring up all issues they are connected with. We will have a few projects added to this feature, but if your project needs the ability to lookup users, please request this through the Orange Tracker team at

Incoming Mail Handler

The mail handlers that bring email into the system have been revamped. The new handler has improved quote stripping to remove the reply thread from the message and just add the new message into the comment of the issue ticket. This mail handler also allows us to remove certain attachments from coming into the system. For example, we can block campus logos or department images from being added as attachments. Currently we are only blocking the following images:

Image NameImage

ITS logo

Your project will be automatically switched to this new mail handler. The switch will be seamless to your project, but the AAP team will contact the project lead of each project to inform them of the switch date to coordinate the switch.

ITS Change Management project

This project uses custom service that would send an email to the Reporter and Project Managers of an issue that is past due. To be more efficient, this service will be removed and replaced with a script that will add a comment to the past due ticket, which will send an email to the Reporter and the Project Managers, per the notification scheme listed on the project. Anyone using the ITSCM project should not see any change in process as the new script does the exact same process, just in a different manner.


The documentation for Orange Tracker has been updated and improved. These pages on Answers will help train users and allow better understanding of how to effectively work within your OT project.


We will hold training sessions during work hours to help assist in learning more features about Orange Tracker and Answers. These training sessions will cover the upgraded features of the new version and give members a place to ask questions and get more detailed information if needed. If you are interested, please try to attend one of these sessions:

Tuesday June 19 @ 11am-noon

Wednesday July 18 @ 11am-noon

Monday July 30 @ 11am-noon

All training session will be held at 1-218 CST.

We also offer more in depth training that is directed towards your project and ensuring team members understand all items within the system. These training sessions will cover basics as well as advanced features in Orange Tracker projects and Answers spaces, and offer an opportunity to ask specific questions to a problem you may be experiencing. To set up a training session, please request this through the Orange Tracker team at

List of items that will not change:


The general layout of issue tickets, dashboards, and filters will remain the same. Custom fields and workflows will remain the same as well.

SU Print Label plugin

Printing issue labels for the ITS Dropoff and Makerspace projects will remain the same.