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The ITS Academic Applications and Platforms (AAP) team is currently developing a plan to upgrade Orange Tracker (OT) from JIRA version 7.7 to version 8.2. This upgrade shall be completed over the summer of 2019 to reduce the impact to the user population.

The upgrade shall bring some new features, increased performance, and correct a few issues we have documented. We believe these improvements will enhance the user experience. We will also provide training sessions, similar to what we did last summer, and review the changes in a side-by-side manner. The training will go over the changes listed here in a live demonstration and answer any questions people bring to the meeting.

List of changes that you will see

Quick Search Improvements

This change adds dynamic searching to the Search field in the upper right-hand corner of Orange Tracker. Whether you know the full issue key, part of the issue name, or just have a distant memory of a project from a year ago, start typing the words, and we’ll do the rest for you. The quick search instantly shows the most relevant results, and refreshes them whenever you change your search term.

Screen showing quick search options

Delimiters for CSV
Improved export features when exporting to a CSV file. Users can now choose one of the four most commonly used delimiters when exporting your issues to CSV. These are comma, semicolon, vertical bar, and caret (this one: ^). In order to use this, search for some issues, then hit Export > CSV in the top-right corner.

New Colors on Issue Statuses

The issue status colors have changed to be consistent with other applications within Atlassian. Here is a comparison between the old and new icons:

Screen showing comparsion of icons

New Priority Icons

The priority icons have changed as they were not distinctive or accessible. Here is a set of simple and clear icons that will make it easier to distinguish what needs to be done first. Here’s a comparison of old and new icons that you'll be seeing in Orange Tracker:

Screen showing campoarsion of priority icons

Massive Performance Improvements

Jira 8 is significantly faster than the previous versions. It’s not only about faster indexing that you can read about below, but also the most commonly used views, like boards and backlogs.

Here are some sample results that we’ve observed when comparing Jira 8.0 to Jira 7.13 (2 million issues):

    • Viewing boards improved by 62%
    • Viewing backlogs improved by 87%
    • Searching with JQL improved by 33%
    • Browsing boards improved by 16%

Exporting all the Issues you need

Orange Tracker had a default limit of 1,000 when exporting issues. This was due to the amount of memory needed during the export. This has been addressed and the limit for exporting is now 100,000 issues.

Description field accepts Wiki-Markup

The Comment fields have already been updated to use Wiki Markup to produce HTML content in the field. In order to keep items consistent, we have edited the Description field of the issue to accept Wiki Markup as well. This change will still allow users to add and edit the Description field as normal, but also give you the ability to use Wiki Markup. A full guide of the notation can be found here:

User Management plugin

Consultants using the User Management plugin will see the SUID field has been added back into the results screen. This was previously removed due to exposure of the SUID and the number of users that could use this plugin. We have also added validation into the search fields. The SUID must be 9 digits in order to search for an user. And the netID field must be at least three characters in order to search.

Email Threads within Comments

When users respond to an issue ticket through email, the email thread is usually added into the comment. This adds to long comments and makes it tougher to read. We will be implementing the ability strip the email thread from the message and just add the new message into the comment. By default, all projects will continue to import the email thread unless the project lead requests this feature to be turned on in the project.

Please Respond Above This Line

To help users responding to Orange Tracker issue tickets via email, we added a "Please Respond Above This Line" to emails being sent from Orange Tracker. This is done automatically through the system.

List of items that will not change

We continue to have a bug with the Assignee field and its pull-down feature. Currently, when a Consultant uses the pull-down feature to select an assignee, the system display a spinning logo and timeout the request and not display a list of consultants. The performance has increased, but there is 20 second delay to see the pull-down results. We still recommend using the current workaround to properly choose an assignee: the user must start to type the netid or last name of the consultant. This process does not have any issues and the user will see the list of Consultants based on the search string they enter.

Testing and Feedback

The testing phase will last for several weeks. This will give users enough time to review the system and provide feedback. The testing phase will last until July 24th. By this date, all testing needs to be finished and feedback sent in.

Please click on the feedback button to submit your feedback:

Submit Feedback

Training Sessions

We will hold training sessions during work hours to help assist in learning more features about Orange Tracker and Answers. These training sessions will cover the upgraded features of the new version and give members a place to ask questions and get more detailed information if needed. If you are interested, please try to attend one of these sessions:

July 2nd2-3pm
July 8th10-11am
July 16th10-11am
July 18th10-11am

All training session will be held at 1-218 CST.

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