This document outlines the options you can set within the Personal Settings section of your profile.

Adjust Settings

Under your avatar icon in the upper right-hand corner, select Personal Settings

You can update these options in personal settings:

  • Language – Change the language to one of the available options.
  • Your timezone – The time zone used for date and time information. If the time zone you select doesn't match your computer's time zone, you'll have the option to automatically update this preference.
  • Watch your issues – With this enabled, you become a watcher of any ticket that you create or comment on. This means you'll get an email when someone updates or comments on the issue.
  • Your Jira homepageSelect the page when you log in and click on the OT icon.
  • Email notifications for issue activity Choose whether or not to receive email notifications. This should be set to "Send me email notifications"

  • Get email updates for issue activity when – Choose in which situations you get email notifications. Typically users check all boxes except "You make changes to the issue"
  • Email notifications format – Email notifications can be sent in plain text or HTML.

After adjusting the settings, please ensure you select Save changes