Queues and Dashboards are very similar and they can display tickets in order to keep track of assignments and tickets you're working on.


Queues are a new feature within Orange Tracker to quickly view tickets. They provide high-level information on a ticket, showing fields like summary, status, and others. Queues are very similar to Filters, but Queues auto-refresh in the browser and are very easy to share within the project. Queues are designed for a single project.

You can use the pre-configured queues in your service project or Projects Adminstrators can create custom queues. Custom queues allow you to choose the name for the queue, determine what requests are  filtered into the queue, and what columns appear in the queue. For example, you may have a ‘time to first response’ goal. Your queue prioritizes requests to the top of your list that are closest to  expiring on that goal. This way you can focus on the most important requests first.

Default Queues

There are a few default queues created for each project, but you may create new ones. Some examples could be:

  • All Open Tickets
  • All Unassigned Tickets

Feel free to delete any queue you do not need. If you are not using SLA's, you may remove/delete all SLA queues.

Queue How-To's


Dashboards can also quickly view tickets. Dashboards are more complex as they require gadgets to display information, and can show tickets in multiple forms. Dashboards can also display tickets for multiple projects. Dashboards are not auto-refreshed, but there is an option to configure the refresh rate.

To create a New Dashboard: https://support.atlassian.com/jira-service-management-cloud/docs/manage-dashboards-and-gadgets/