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This page provides information on testing the upgraded Orange Tracker application. In addition to the following recommended test items, we also request that you test actions that are part of your normal day-to-day tasks. Whether it be transitioning issues through a custom workflow, or ensuring communications get sent to the appropriate audience, we want to ensure that everything functions as it should. 

As this is the test environment, this will not affect production data. Feel free to make any changes modifications without worrying about touching the actual data. The data was refreshed as of April 2022.  


Feedback can be recorded on the Frevvo form located at: Orange Tracker Feedback Form

Basic Test Items


Ensure you are able to login to your account. If you have multiple accounts, you may check with all desired accounts. 


Verify you are able to see all appropriate projects according to your role(s). Also note if there are any projects that you have access to that you should not. 

Dashboards and Filters

Ensure your dashboards and filters are displaying correct and accurate information. Note that the data in the test environment was last refreshed in April 2022, so data after that date will not be included. Ensure all of the different gadgets in your dashboards are functional. 


 Verify that the search functionality returns appropriate results. If you are familiar with advanced JQL, you may test that as well. 

Create Issues

Ensure you can create new issues, from within the application and through email. For email, send an email as you normally would, but instead of, send it to

Keep in mind that the test system does not send out messages to users via email. This is by design and all other items function normally. 

Edit Issues

Ensure you can do the following within an issue:

  • Modify the assignee and reporter using both the dropdown and by searching for a user
  • Modify components, labels, and edit other fields
  • Add attachments to issues, verifying that the attachment is functional after attaching

Comment on Issues

Verify that you can comment on issues. The comment section was revamped slightly, so there are minor visual improvements to the comment section. 

Transition Issues

Ensure you are able to transition issues through your workflow. Transitions may vary from project to project, so move through the flow of your own project(s).

Additional Test Items

The following items are not required, although they would be helpful in our testing. 

Project Managers

If you have the Project Manager role, verify all functionalities associated with that. Verify you can manage your project, modify permissions, and adjust schemes. 


Verify that mentions are functional. In the comments section of an issue, type "@" followed by a user. 

Clone Issue

If you are familiar with cloning an issue, we request that you test that as well.

Bulk Changes

Whether it be transitioning or commenting, we want to ensure the bulk change functionality works. 


If boards are used within your project, please verify their functionality. 

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