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Only Project Managers can view the Administration page for a project.  There are numerous links available in the left-hand column of this screen (for example, workflows, permissions, and issue security).  ITS recommends that project managers only make changes to features listed under the "Ok to adjust" section below.

Ok to adjust

These project features can be adjusted by Project Mangers.  Be sure to review the help information on these features first and contact ITS at if you are not sure of the implications of making the change.  For example, changing project roles without understanding the changes can results in users not being able to view  or create issues.  Changes to project roles can also result in project information being more widely available than intended.

Only ITS Can Make Changes

The features below require advanced understanding to adjust properly.  Incorrect changes can result in a project no longer functioning properly.  Project managers can view the configuration of these features but cannot make changes. Contact ITS at if you think you need any changes to the following project features:

  • issue types
  • workflows
  • screens
  • fields
  • tempo
  • permissions (this is different than roles)
  • issue security
  • notifications
  • HipChat integration
  • Development tools
  • Issue Collectors





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