A SU client (student, staff, faculty) reports to Service Center consultants that they believe their name is spelled incorrectly or there is some other problem (i.e., their SSN, address, etc. is incorrect). They wish to have it changed.


Information Technology and Services does not own official University records. That data is owned by Central Records and/or Human Resources. We cannot change a client's demographic or personal information on official University records.

If a client is requesting a username change, they must complete this step before Service Center consultants can process the request. ([suid:Procedure for NetID Username Changes). To have information corrected in University records, do the following:


Contact the Office of the Registrar or visit their website or call 443-2422 to obtain information on how to proceed with getting the data corrected.

Staff or Faculty

  1. Contact HR Services to get information corrected on Payroll/HR side.
    1. HR Services Contact: 315 443 4042 |
  2. Contact Registrar's Central Records (If they have ever taken a course at SU, even non-credit, they must contact Central Records in addition to Human Resources).
    1. Registrar's Office Contact: 315 443 2422 |

Spouse, Dependent, or Domestic Partner of faculty, staff, or student

Contact Central Records (see Registrar's Office in the preceding Students section).

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