Recent Action:

On 07/31/2023, we started to edit all project Reply-To address fields to use their '' and completed this task on 08/01/2023.

Background Information:

There was an issue where users replying to OT email messages were not creating comments within tickets. The issue was the Reply-To address was incorrect and the system used '' as the Reply-To address. While the system managed to deliver most mail correctly, some email messages were not creating comments. This could impact additional comments and email and this needed to be corrected. The Reply-To address needed to change to match the projectkey.

Current Status:

Currently, all mail being sent from your project will have the ''. Project Managers can review their Reply-To address in the project. Under Projects Settings, locate the Notifications link on the Left Nav bar. At the top of that screen will be your Reply-To address.

Action Needed:

Anyone with mail rules to filter OT messages may need to review their rules as this change may impact your filter rules.

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