Changes that are made to the map in the CMS will not display on the front end until they are published. This way you can safely make and view changes without changing what the end user sees. All changes need to be published in order to take effect, including location and category modifications, and changes to the options as well. 

If there are changes eligible to be published, you will notice a red bubble in the Publish tab at the top with the number of eligible changes. 

How to Publish Changes

  1. Log into the Concept3D CMS: Accessing the CMS for Concept3D
  2. Make desired changes
  3. Select the Publish tab
  4. Mark the checkbox next to all changes you wish to publish 

    Only publish your own content!

    Do NOT publish other user's content unless explicitly requested!

  5. Select Publish at the bottom of the content list to publish the selected content