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Below you will find information and links to support documentation regarding various remote access topics provided by ITS and individual units across campus.

Internet Connection Required

Whether you are on or off campus, an internet connection is required to connect a device to the provided remote access solutions. Available networks on campus as well as internet solutions off campus are available in detail on the Networks Answers page.

Table of Contents

University owned and managed computers

If you are using a computer that is owned and/or managed by the University, running either macOS or Windows, a secure connection to campus is provided via either Mac Device Tunnel or Windows Device Tunnel when an internet connection becomes available.

Once connected, most network resources are available remotely including H: and G: drives, printing, and many other SU resources that are not directly accessible from the internet.

Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

Syracuse University's Remote Desktop Services (RDS) is a virtual desktop environment for students, faculty, and staff to remotely access a university desktop from any personal computer with a stable broadband internet connection.

Complete details, including configuration instructions for both web interface and via the Remote Desktop application, are available on the Remote Desktop Services (RDS) page. If you know how to connect already, feel free to go directly to  

Who may use the service:

Syracuse University RDS is available to active SU Students, Faculty, Staff, and Guests as well as SUNY ESF students (using their SU NetID credentials). If you are no longer an active participant with Syracuse University, you will not have access permission for RDS.

Faculty and Staff Remote Desktop Solutions

Faculty and Staff might have the option of connecting remotely to an assigned or provisioned University owned and managed computer separate of those available in the Remote Desktop Service. Accessing these computers may require a combination of departmental approval, training, and additional technical details provided by your academic or administrative support personnel.

File Storage, Access, and Sharing Solutions

ITS provides many file storage and sharing solutions both on and off campus. 

  • Campus H: and G: Drives 

    • H:  drive is a personal network drive provisioned for each active student, faculty, and staff member.
    • G:  drive is a shared network drive managed by your administrative department, school, or college.
    • Both drives are available on all University owned and managed computers on campus such as those in labs, classrooms, and office spaces.

    • Both drives are also available remotely when using University owned and managed computers and via the Remote Desktop Service (RDS).

      Computers not managed by the University

      Please note that the H: and G: drives are not accessible remotely from devices not managed by the University. Those seeking to access their H: or G: drive remotely should connect using Remote Desktop Services (RDS).

  • OneDrive - All active faculty, staff, and students are provided an Office 365 account that includes Microsoft OneDrive. To log in, visit and use your campus email address as the username. Additional details, including accessing by device type, can be found on the Microsoft OneDrive page
  • Google Drive - All active faculty, staff, and students are provided a Google Workspace account that includes Google Drive access. If you are looking to login into your Syracuse University Google account, navigate to the Google sign in page and use your as the username.  

School or College Specific Solutions

Architecture RemoteLab 

Architecture provides remote access for Architecture students to a set of high performance lab computers through RemoteLab.

Engineering Remote Access (ECS)

The College of Engineering & Computer Science uses AppsAnywhere as the primary solution to access college specific software.  Full instructions and more information can be found on ECS' Remote Access connection page.

Visual and Performing Arts (VPA)

Students: Please use the Syracuse University Remote Desktop Services (RDS) solution listed above. Students in some VPA classes may have remote access to workstations in VPA computer labs for access to specific software applications. Confirm your eligibility and view instructions for remote access to VPA computer labs here.

Whitman Remote Desktop

Full details can be found on the Whitman Remote Desktop page.

Getting Help

For support of the information above, staff and faculty should first contact their academic or administrative support personnel.

Students using school or college specific solutions should begin by contacting their academic IT support.

All other support inquires can start by reaching out to the ITS Help Desk at or by calling 315-443-2677.