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This page provides instructions on connecting to RDS via a web browser. 

Users preferring to connect the RDS via a RDP client on supported laptop and desktop operating systems should follow the instructions found on the Remote Desktop Services via RDP Client page.

Connecting to RDS

Recommended Browsers: Please note that recommended browsers include Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Mozilla Firefox.

  1. Using a web browser, navigate to

  2. If you are not logged in already, you will be prompted to do so using your University NetID and NetID password.

    RDS login page
  3. Under Syracuse University Remote Desktops, select theSULabs icon.

    After selecting the resource pool, such as SULabs, if a file is downloaded instead of popup window or session opening be sure to have "Open resources in the browser" selected in Settings. Settings is found by pressing the gear sprocket in the top right of the webpage.

  4. You will be prompted with a popup-dialog box asking you to allow the remote computer to access printer and clipboard functions on your computer. This is completed by checking or unchecking the boxes labeled Printer and Clipboard. You can also disable this popup in the future by checking the box labeled Don't ask me again for connections to this computer.

    Popup dialog box in RDS


    When printing a document, select the printer option that states it will be redirected.

    Important: This redirection will save the file on the local downloads for the desktop you are on. Please be aware of this if downloading on a public/shared computer.

    The file called "Remote Print Job.pdf" can now be printed from the desktop to any available printers.

  5. Press Allow to sign-in and access your Remote Lab machine.

  6. To sign-out, click on the user account icon in the upper-right hand corner of the Remote Lab window, which will open a Sign Out button. You will be returned to the main login page.

    View of machine within RDS with the Sign out button highlighted

Need Help?

If at any time you require additional assistance, please contact the ITS Help Desk by voice at 315.443.2677 or by email at