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Th reporter field of an Orange Tracker issue is used to identify the customer  (the person for whom the work is being performed).

If the issue was generated automatically via email, the reporter will be set to the user in the "FROM" field of the email. If you create the issue from within Orange Tracker, the "Create Issue" screen will default the reporter to you (the person creating the issue).  You will need to change this to a more appropriate reporter if you are not truly the customer.  Note that you cannot set the reporter field to blank – it is a required field.  

To add a user to the reporter field, enter the name, username, or email address in the Reporter field of the issue.  A list of possible matches will appear – select the person from this list.  If the person does not appear in the list, they may not have an Orange Tracker account yet.  You can create an account for them (see Lookup and Create User) and then enter them in the Reporter field.

reporter drop-down showing possible matches.

The reporter must be an individual user.  You cannot use a group as the reporter.


You can change the reporter of an issue at any time.  For instructions on how to edit an issue, including the reporter field, see Edit Issues.