Having trouble setting up your TV on campus? Students can use the tips below if they are having issues configuring their TV.

Find out more about our offerings on the Cable TV and SpectrumU at Syracuse University page.

Table of Contents

TV Channel Setup

Before You Start

  • Ensure that the power cord is securely fastened to the TV and to the wall outlet. A surge protector is preferred.
  • Ensure the coaxial cable you plug into the wall outlet is plugged into the "IN" jack on the TV.

Tips for First Time Setup

If you are unboxing and plugging in your TV for the first time, start with the built in "Auto Program" function. While each brand of TV may have a different menu, here are the main things to look for: 

  • If you are prompted to choose between Off-Air and Cable, select Cable or CATV
  • Identify the auto program feature and select it. This often called "Auto Program", "Channel Scan", or "Initial Setup". If you are having trouble finding it, please refer to the documentation that came with your TV.
  • Your TV should now automatically scroll through the channels. (This might take several minutes to complete)

If you are not getting all the channels, try the following:

  • If the TV has a CATV switch or function in the menu, verify it is set to CATV.
  • Reference your owner's manual (most commonly found online) to ensure you have programmed the channels properly.

  1. Shut off TV.

  2. Disconnect CATV connection from back of TV

  3. Turn TV back on.

  4. Run Channel Scan/Setup on "Cable".

  5. Turn off TV

  6. Re-connect CATV connection.

  7. Turn TV back on.

  8. Re-run Channel Scan/Setup on "Cable".

    At this point, the channel scan should take less than 10 minutes and should find all channels, both Digital as well as Analog. This has been known to work on newer Vizio TVs bought within the past couple years.

If the cable service is not working:

  • Ensure the coaxial cable coming from the wall is plugged into the "IN" jack on the TV
  • Make sure you have changed the televisions input to the correct input if you have a cable box connected directly to the wall.
  • Check your owner's manual to ensure your TV has a QAM tuner. Older analog televisions not compatible with with QAM TV service are not supported and will be unable to receive a cable signal on campus..

No Signal/Broken Wall Outlet

If the cable TV wall outlet in your residence hall room is physically broken, you are not receiving a signal after attempting to program your television, or you just need more assistance with setup, please call the ITS Service Center at 315.443.2677 or email help@syr.edu.


If your outlet is physically broken or damaged, please provide a picture as well as the information printed on the label that is stuck on your outlet. It will be necessary information for making sure we're able to provide the best support for the situation!

Connecting TVs to the Internet

Wireless Connection

Unlike cell phones, tablets, and computers, other devices are not supported on AirOrangeX but can connect to the residential wireless network Gadgets&Games. Gadget&Games is an open network and as such has no username and password.

Wired Connection

Internet-connected devices with an Ethernet port such as gaming systems and streaming devices can connect automatically to the wired residential network on campus, ResNet. To connect, plug an Ethernet cable into your computer and the wall jack labeled “RN.” 

Not all devices are supported on the ResNet and/or the Gadgets&Games networks. Find out more by visiting our Using Devices on the Campus Networks page on Answers.

Can't Connect? If your device is having trouble connecting to Gadget&Games or the wired network, you are encouraged to remove existing network configurations and settings and attempt to connect again. Please reference the Need Help section contacting ITS if your issue persist. 

Need Help?

For support of the information above, contact the ITS Help Desk by calling at 315.443.2677, by emailing help@syr.edu, or by stopping into 1-227 CST.