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About the App

Syracuse University has integrated bus information into the SU Mobile app and displays the following:

Display Centro routes

Display Syracuse University trolley routes

Display all current vehicles on each of the routes

Predicted arrival times for the current vehicles at each stop

Available stops for each route

Graphical pattern of each route

Any service bulletins/notices for the routes around campus


The SU Bus app allows you to check the current location of available buses as well as the estimated arrival times for stops along the following routes:

  • Waverly Ave (SU43)
  • Manley (SU44)
  • SU - Destiny USA (SU45)
  • Slocum Heights (SU244)
  • Nob Hill (SU245)
  • South Campus (SU344)
  • Connective Corridor (SU443)
  • Small Road (SU444)
  • East Campus (SU243)

  • James-Westcott (SU145)

  • Westcott - SU (SY30)
  • Drumlins - Nob Hill (SY40)
  • SU Trolley - Orange Loop
  • SU Trolley - Blue Loop

More information on Centro buses and schedules, please use the following link:



Locate the SUbus icon on the main screen of the SU Mobile app

 SU Bus Icon

You can also use this app on a desktop/laptop computer:

The map view shows all stops for Centro's SU and trolley routes. If you have location services enabled on your device, the map will center on your position.

 Map View (default)

To get arrival times for a given stop:

  1. Find any bus stop, identified as an orange and blue icon. blue dot with an orange exterior ring  You can scroll and zoom the map to find the stop you are looking for.
    Map with stops and buses



2. Click on the bus stop icon and information about that stop will be displayed. The information can be expanded by clicking on the name of the stop in the balloon or at the bottom of the screen.

Stop selected on map with balloon reading college place


To get information about a given bus:

1. Click on the vehicle icon and information about that bus will be displayed. The bus route will also be displayed on the map.

bus selected on map with balloon reading SU344 - 344 South Campus

Search / Form View

To search for a bus number, street name, or part of a name, click on the magnifying glass icon. search button

  1. Search using the text box.
    search window open

2. Your search results will display below. Selecting the Show Stop On Map or the Show Bus On Map button will bring you back to the map and display the data.

manley searched with results below

Service Bulletin View

bulletins button

Selecting the Exclamation mark icon,  will switch you to the service bulletin screen. This will display any data Centro has added to the routes.

 informational service bulletins shown


If you have any issues, or general feedback, please feel free to contact us at: