Is your device compatible? 

Here is some information on how to see if your device is compatible. 

Firstly, your device must be unlocked.

If your device supports LTE Band 48 for cellular wireless bands, then it is a compatible device. If the device doesn't include LTE band 48, it is NOT a compatible device. 

Where can I find SU Private Wireless Network? 

SU Private Wireless Network functionality is currently in 3 Residence Hall locations: Day Hall, Flint Hall, and Shaw Hall. 

Note: You will need either a second device to view the QR code  or a physical printout of the QR code in order to proceed.

To scan your QR Code provided by JMA and set up your eSIM on your iPhone, please follow these steps. 

1.On your iPhone, go to Settings

2. Tap Cellular 

3. Tap Add Cellular Plan

QR Code Inquiry

If you are having issues locating your QR Code or have questions about eligibility, please reach out to the ITS Service Center at 315 443 2677 or

Step 2

Step 3

4. Get the other device that displays the QR code (or use your printed copy), then scan your eSIM QR Code to add the cellular plan.

5. Tap Add Cellular Plan again to confirm to confirm the eSIM activation. 

Step 4

Step 5

7. You will prompted for some other options in the next steps.

For Step 7 you can choose what label you have for your SU Private Wireless, we choose "Cellular Data" in our example, but this can be anything under the "Custom Label" tag. Once you are done, you can select Done

8.  The next step will ask you which one you want to use for your Default Line which is how you will receive texts and calls. For this you will select Primary.

Step 7

Step 8

9. For Step 9, you will be prompted which service you want to use for iMessage and FaceTime, and for this you will select Primary again

10. For Step 10, you will then be prompted for which service you want to use as default for cellular data, and for this one you will select what you chose for SU Private Wireless, so for us we will use Cellular Data, but you can use whatever label you want.

Another important note: You will also want to enable/switch on Allow Cellular Data Switching so that when you leave Cuse5G's range, it will swap between your personal cellular line, and SU Private Wireless.

Step 9

Step 10

And you're Done!

You may have to enable/disable Airplane mode in case it doesn't come on right away, but after that you should be all set!

If at any time you require assistance,

please contact the ITS Help Desk

by voice at 315.443.2677,

by email at,

or by stopping into 1-227

Center for Science and Technology

(hours of operation). 

JMA Wireless

Headquartered in Syracuse, NY, JMA Wireless (JMA) is an American company accelerating revolutionary changes in mobile connectivity with cutting-edge products that enable faster, more reliable, and more secure networks for consumers and businesses. JMA delivers software-driven, carrier-grade solutions designed specifically for in-building and outdoor use, offering superior performance, coverage, and stability for the most advanced and highly dense networks worldwide. 

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