Zoom recordings that are saved to Zoom Cloud will automatically push to Kaltura MediaSpace. Professors can then share these recordings in their Blackboard class through the LTI.

Save and Share Zoom Recordings in the Cloud

  1. In your Zoom session, you can either save your Recording to the Cloud or Download it directly to your device.

    Zoom recording options

  2. If you save the recording to your cloud storage, when you are done with your online session, you can go into your account (zoom.syr.edu) and download it to your device.

    Meetings Option

    Record Screen

  3. Once you are in the Recorded screen, you can find your session recording and select the first option, Shared screen with speaker view, this file includes the audio and video as an MP4. Select the download icon.

    Recording Screen

  4. By default, your video should save to your Downloads folder. 
    File Image

Zoom Cloud recordings in Kaltura MediaSpace

  1. By default, Zoom Cloud recordings are pushed to the Kaltura MediaSpace. Depending on the length of the video, the conversion process can take time to go from Zoom to Kaltura. 

  2. You can see your recordings and embedding options by going to video.syr.edu and logging in with your NetID and password.

Zoom Cloud recordings in Blackboard

  1. To embed Zoom recordings into your Blackboard course, please follow the instructions listed on the the following page: Kaltura in Blackboard

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