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Creating a Teams Meeting

There are multiple ways to create a meeting for Microsoft Teams. The information below will highlight our recommended steps for creating your next Teams meeting.

Within Microsoft Teams

  1.  Navigate to the Calendar section, located on the sidebar

    Teams Left Menu Column - Calendar Highlighted

  2. In the upper right, click either 'Meet now' or 'New meeting(to create a future meeting)':

    New Meeting button

  3. Fill out the appropriate meeting information:

    Unique to the Teams interface is the ability to schedule a meeting for a Teams channel.  This automatically sends the meeting invite to anyone who has access to the selected Team channel without needing to manage a list of attendees. 

Within Outlook

  1. Select Calendar View from link in the bottom left.

    Outlook Calendar Selection

  2. Select "New Teams Meeting" from the top bar

    Outlook Pro Plus Menu Bar

  3. Fill in meeting details

    Outlook New Meeting Window

  4. Send the event and this link will now populate in Outlook and Teams Calendar

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