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Searchable fields provide a whole new way to view and manage your form's submission data.

If a field is designated as a Searchable Field, it will:

  • Allow that field's data to display in the submission view
  • Allow the submission view to be filtered and sorted by that field's data
  • Include that field's data in an Excel export

If a field is not designated as a Searchable Field, none of the preceding will be possible!

Only controls that are considered form data will be able to be set as a Searchable Field. Fields such as link, signature, image, upload, trigger, section, PageBreak, Message, Form Viewer and video controls are not able to be set as Searchable Fields

The current maximum searchable fields on a form is set to 40.

Follow the process below to set searchable fields. 

Setting Searchable Fields

  1. Log in with an account able to edit the particular form
  2. Edit the form
  3. In the  Settings tab, select Searchable fields
  4. In the following, click and drag the desired fields into the Searchable Fields: section, or select the >> to move all fields 

    This will not function in Internet Explorer!

  5. Save the form

Submissions prior to setting searchable fields will NOT automatically become searchable or display in the Excel export! You must request a data refresh in order for prior submission data to be included.