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Within Frevvo, you can share privileges to a form. Such privileges include:

  • Who can edit
  • Who can use the form
  • Who can view submissions
  • Who can edit the submissions

See the Privilege Types section below for detailed descriptions of each one.

Privileges can be set by form owners, as well as users specified in the Who Can Edit privilege. At the moment, these privileges can be set by individual users. We do not recommend setting by role, which could potentially open up the form to everyone.

Accessing Shared Forms

When the Who Can Edit, Who Can View Submissions, or the Who Can Edit Submissions privilege is given to a user, that form will appear under the Shared Items section. 

Privilege Types

Who Can Edit

With this option, you can set who is able to edit a form that you create or currently have edit privileges on. The ownership of the form does not change, however any user specified in this privilege will be able to edit that particular form. With this privilege also grants the ability to view submission data.

Who Can Use The Form

This specifies anyone who has the ability to fill out the form.

Who Can View Submissions

This specifies users who are able to view the submission data of a particular form. 

Who Can Edit Submissions

This specifies users who are able to view and edit the submission data of a particular form.

Setting Privileges

  1. Edit the desired form.
  2. Select the gear icon from the top of the form designer.
  3. Select the Access Control tab
  4. Specify users by NetID or roles (AD groups) in each of the desired permission sections

    1. Users, if found, will populate a list below the box as you type.
  5. Select Submit, then save the form.