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Students may share specific sections of their MySlice account with a parent or guardian, granting them access to areas such as your Financial Aid Portfolio and your Student Account. You can create up to three accounts for various individuals with different levels of access. These settings must be managed from the student MySlice account after logging in at Creating a new shared access account can be accomplished by following the directions on this page.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  ITS representatives cannot reset parent/proxy account passwords.  All password management is done via the student MySlice account.
  • For students, find the "Student Services" panel on MySlice and then under the "Share My Access" section, click the "Set up Additional Access" link.
  • For applicants, find the "Applicant Services" panel on MySlice and then under the "Share My Access" section, click the "Set up Additional Access" link.

My Slice Student Services Guide to Share My Access

  • Click the "Add a new proxy account" button.

Share my access guide to show where to add new proxy account

  • Enter an account name and password.
    • The account name must be at least six characters long, be in upper case, and must begin with the number '1'. 
    • The password must be at least six but no longer than eight characters long, must be in upper case, must contain at least one number (0-9), and must have at least one of the following special characters:

      ` ! # $ & * ( ) - _ = \ | [ ] ' ; : / ? . , 
  • Enter the first and last names of the parent or guardian of whom you are granting access.
  • Enter the email address of the parent or guardian of whom you are granting access.
  • Select which sections of MySlice you would like to share. Applicants may see fewer options than what are displayed below. 
  • Check the box next to the terms near the bottom of the page.
  • Click the "Save All Changes" button.

Share my access on Myslice Guide- Form for Parent Account

  • After clicking "Save All Changes," the screen may not appear to change, or you may see a temporary image toward the top right of your screen, indicating that the information has saved. In either case, the information has been saved, and you may click the "Return" button.

share my access details

  • After a shared access account has been created, you may edit any of the user's information, including which sections are shared, but excluding the account name. An account can be deleted at any time, and up to three accounts can be created.
Share my access- Final screen of accounts listed
  • The parent or guardian will receive an email informing them that an account has been created, and the account username will be provided in this email. However, the password must be obtained from the student or applicant that created the account. The parent or guardian may now access and use the specific sections that were selected by navigating to and then entering the username and password for the shared access account.