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Quick Note

When linking from an Answers page to another Answers page, use an Internal Link as described in "Link to another Answers Page" below.

When linking to an Answers page from anywhere outside of Answers, use a Short Link as described in "Share an Answers Page" below .

Do NOT place Short Links on an Answers page!

Link to another Answers Page (Within Answers)

When linking to an Answers Page within Answers, you should not use the "Share Link" (/x/ Link), but instead use the add link button and use the Search Section to find the page within Answers.

This will ensure that the link is always pointing to the correct page but will ensure that SEO and URL updates are maintained through changes.

  1. While editing a page click the insert link button on the top toolbar.
    insert link button
  2. In the Search Section of the dialog, search for the title of the page you wish to link to. You may also use the recently viewed section to do the same type of link. You also have the option to change the link text.
    Search for Page Dialog

Share an Answers Page (Links for External Communications)

The Share Link is to be used when sending a link through any other communications, externally to Answers. You can easily share an Answers page by using the "Share" button on the toolbar. This feature is only available to users that have logged in. This is the preferred link to email to people or use on an external web page.

Note: The URL in the browser is based on the page title and may break if the page title is changed.  The Share Link URL is based on a unique key for the current version of the page and will always be valid, even if the page has moved or name is changed.  If the URL is copied and pasted as it appears in the browser window, the URL is more likely to break if the page is moved or title is updated.

This Share Link is a permanent short link, which you can find this link by doing the following:

  1. While logged in to Answers, in the upper right of the main content section you will find a "Share" button.
    Share Page Dropdown
  2. Once the dialog has opened you can either select and copy the link or click the Copy button. You can also use this dialog to send an email from Answers to user(s) with or without a custom message.

The email includes who "shared" the page, a link to the page, and the contents of your note.

Page has been shared



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