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Strategies to improve the accessibility of content in Facebook include:

Source: Robert Fentress, Senior Accessibility Solutions Designer, Virginia Tech

  •  Host videos on YouTube (captioned, of course, with described versions, as appropriate) and link to them from within Facebook, rather than uploading videos to Facebook directly, since, among other things, FB's video player has poor keyboard support.
  •  If images of flyers advertising events are uploaded, include links to accessible PDFs and Word docs (if available) of the flyers as well, and make sure info in flyer image is replicated in post content.
  • Provide an alternate channel for users to access content, such as cross-posting to an accessible blog.
  • In the About section of the Page, under Contact Info, add phone, and email, and a link to an accessible contact form.
  • Currently photos are given automatic alt text descriptions.  Currently there is no way to correct inaccurate descriptions. Hopefully this will be corrected in the near future. Captions can currently be added to photos.

The Facebook mobile app may provide a more accessible experience for some users.   

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

Social Media Accessibility - Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

Source: Accessibility Hub, Queens University

Tips for making content more accessible.

Built-in features and enhancements to improve accessibility of Facebook



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