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SU Student On-Campus Storage Drive

As a student of Syracuse University you have an on-campus drive labeled your "H:" drive with a 100gb storage capacity available for your data storage needs. This page will help you better understand how to access and manage this data.

Accessing Your On-Campus Drive

Lab Computers

Throughout campus this drive will be located on any lab location you log into. Follow the link below for more information on ITS supported labs on campus.

ITS Lab Locations and Information

Once on a lab machine navigate to the the file explorer located in the task menu at the bottom of your screen.

arrow pointing to windows explorer symbol

Once in the File Explorer menu, select your H: drive. This will be listed under the section or by clicking This PC.

example of student H drive

You will now see a list of folder and files within your drive. You can also use the search option in the top right hand corner to search for particular items.

Search Bar for H Drive to find specific files on your drive

Remote Access to your H: Drive

VPN Access

You will be able to access your account using remote access from anywhere internet is available. Follow the link for your corresponding operating system.

How to use the SURA utility on Windows 10

Connecting remotely to a Network Drive on macOS

Alumni Remote Acess to DatAnywhere and the VPN

These services are currently only available to active students and alumni who have graduated in the last two years. While you may be able to produce your NetID and password and log into SURA, your account will not produce access to your drive remotely.

Account is Full or Near Full

At this time, there is no way to increase your on-campus drive size. If you are getting a message or noticing that this drive is approaching the 100gb storage capacity, there are a number of things that you should consider.

Review and Clear Content No Longer Necessary

ITS recommends all student review the content of their on-campus drive regularly to ensure it is only your most needed data. Review the steps above to access your H: drive. It is recommend that you open your drive and put it in order of "Date Modified" so that you can see the items that may no longer be of use.

Check Date Modified to help find what files to keep on your drive

Alternative Backup Locations

ITS recommends that you always keep an external drive or flash drive available to save your data. Cloud services are also available and allow you to access your data anywhere you are able to access the internet. Below you will find links to popular free online cloud services:

Google Drive

Use Your Student Google Account!

Active students now have an available organizational account in Google Apps for Education (now called G Suite for Education). This organizational account provides Syracuse University’s studentswith a wide array of Google cloud-based services and provides new tools for collaboration, teaching and learning.

A list of Google services, SU Google account information, and products accessible through SU Google user accounts is provided on the Google Apps at SU home page.

Note that SU Google accounts are in the format of

Microsoft OneDrive


Getting Help

If you require assistance managing and transferring your data or just have general questions regarding your on-campus drive, feel free to contact the ITS Help Desk.