Handshake is the career platform used by Syracuse University students, staff, and faculty. Career staff that utilize the calendar inside of Handshake can sync the calendar with their SUMail account using the steps below. More details and instructions are also available on the Welcome to Handshake page


Connecting Handshake to SUMail  

  1. Visit https://syr.joinhandshake.com and click on Syracuse University Login

    SU login box for Handshake

  2. At the NetID Login box, enter your NetID and Password

    Shibboleth login for NetID and Password

  3. Once in Handshake, click on your name in the upper right hand corner, then click User Settings

    First click your name, then User Settings

  4.  Click on Calendar Sync on the left side navigation menu

    calendar sync page 

  5. Click on Authorize Calendar Sync

    authorize calendar sync

  6.  You will be shown a list of calendar providers. Choose Office 365 from the list

    choose outlook 365 from calendar list 

  7.  Check the box agreeing to the Cronofy Terms of Service, then click Link Office 365 Account

    link calendar 

  8. You will be prompted to Pick an account. Choose your syr.edu email from the list. If you are not presented with your syr.edu account, simply type in your full email address (netid@syr.edu) then click next

    pick and account pop up

  9. When prompted for permission, click Accept. After a few moments, you will return to the Handshake Calendar Sync page

    permissions requested

  10. Finally, in the Choose a Calendar drop down menu, make sure your calendar is selected. 

    calendar drop down

  11. Congratulations! Your calendar is now synced.

Getting Help

For technical support on the information above, please email handshake@syr.edu.


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