Google Workspace for Education is a set of Google tools and services that are tailored for schools to collaborate, streamline instruction, and keep learning safe. Syracuse University maintains an organizational account, for Syracuse University, in the Google Workspace for Education services.   The Syracuse University Google Workspace for Education service (formally known as Google Apps, or G Suite for Education) is managed by the Information Technology Services (ITS) department. This organizational account provides current SU students, faculty, and staff with a wide array of Google cloud-based services and tools in support of the Academic needs of teaching and learning, and for academic research. A list of Google services and products available through the Syracuse University Google Workspace for Education service user accounts, can be viewed at Services available for Syracuse University's Google Workspace

The Syracuse University Google Workspace for Education service domain is

Google Workspace - Changes to Storage Limits

January 3, 2024 -  Storage limits, for all Google Workspace Users, being introduced. See Google Workspace - Changes to Storage Limits for details.

Google Workspace - Changes to Google Photos App

January 3, 2024 -  The Google Photos app will be disabled and no longer available in the Google Workspace domain.  See Google Workspace - Discontinuation of Google Photos for details.

Google Workspace Login

Log into your Syracuse University Google Workspace for Education account:

Log into Google

To log into your Syracuse University Google Workspace for Education account, navigate to the Google sign in page and use as your username. If you are presented with a Microsoft Sign in panel, enter your full Syracuse University Email (<netid> then enter your Syracuse University NetId Password on the subsequent "Enter password" panel.

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Google Workspace for Education Support and Policy

Due to the fact that Syracuse University is liable for the content stored in its organizational Google Workspace for Education account, individual user accounts within the SU organizational account must comply with Syracuse University’s Information Technology Policies

Included in our policies are specific guidance for the use of any cloud-based service that may be found in the University’s “Cloud Based Storage and University Data Standard,” which restricts the use of confidential  (i.e. Social Security Number (SSN), Last four of SSN, Credit Card Information, Privacy Information, Health Information, FERPA Data, research data) or Enterprise (financial, contract, legal, or other SU business information) data within any cloud-based services.

The services provided through Syracuse University's Google Workspace accounts are products and services that are developed and maintained by Google Inc.

As such, application level support questions should be directed to Google.

Syracuse University will offer account management related support including account creating, account suspension, password resets, and authentication related questions.


Google Workspace is not considered an official Syracuse University communication platform. All official business communications should continue to go through your SUMail account that end in @syr. Google Workspace accounts are considered personal accounts and should not be used for official university or departmental business.

Google Workspace for Education is a service provided to Syracuse University by Google under the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies which can be found here. By using Syracuse University’s Google Workspace, you agree to be bound by these policies and terms as an “End User” unless otherwise indicated by Syracuse University or Google.

The policies, terms of service, services and products included in Google Workspace for Education are offered and maintained solely at the discretion of Google. Google reserves the right to modify or terminate these policies, terms of service, services or products, in part or in whole, at anytime with or without notice. Syracuse University makes no guarantees regarding the current or future offerings of these policies, terms of service, services or products as offered through Google Workspace.

Syracuse University reserves the right to modify or terminate Google Workspace for Education at anytime, with or without notice, in part or in whole.



Visit the Google Workspace user guide to accessibility for information on using Google Workspace with assistive technology, including screen readers in both Windows and Mac environments.

Your Google Workspace for Education Account

Your SU Google Workspace account is your

To activate or use your SU Google account simply navigate to any of the supported Google services and enter your full SU Google account in the Email/Username (, leave the password field blank and click the Sign-In button. You will be redirected to Syracuse University’s Single Sign-On (SSO) page where you can enter your NetID and NetID password to complete the login process. Once you’ve signed into SU’s SSO page you should be automatically redirected back to the original Google service.

SU Google user accounts are synchronized four times a day, with SU's Active Directory; meaning new student's, faculty, and staff should receive access to their SU Google account within hours after entering the AD system.

Alumni or Faculty and Staff leaving the University should review the IT Resource Access After Graduation, Retirement, Resignation, etc. page.

Google Play, Google Wallet, Purchases, and Content

Purchases, downloads, and all other content associated with your account is not insured or guaranteed by Syracuse University.

In the event that Syracuse University or Google terminate or modify, in part or in whole, Google Workspace, Syracuse University makes absolutely no guarantees regarding emails, documents, downloads, or purchases associated with accounts.  

Services available for Syracuse University's Google Workspace

These core services are governed by a contract between Syracuse University and Google Inc. Information stored in any of these Core Services is not indexed by Google, and therefore such data is not publicly searchable nor available to be used to serve ads. Syracuse University also offers several Consumer Services from Google. By using these Consumer Services, you are entering into an agreement directly with Google Inc. Data created with or stored in these Consumer Services is not owned or maintained in any way by Syracuse University and is governed by Google's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Faculty and Staff need to be particularly aware of the implications of using Google's Consumer Services as they may not offer the same degree of protections and precautions related to FERPA and HIPAA that are available with Google Workspace's Core Services for Education. If you have any questions about the appropriate uses for a particular service, please contact the ITS Support Staff at or (315)-443-2677.

Core Services:

Google Drive     Google Drive (Previously called Google Docs)

GMail     Gmail

Google Calendar     Calendar

Google Classroom     Classroom

Google Hangouts     Hangouts

Google Contacts     Contacts

Other  Services:

Chrome Management

Chrome Web Store

Google Analytics

Google Chrome Sync

Google Developers Console

Google Payments

Google Groups


Location History


Note: Other Google services and products not listed here may also be available such as Google Translate, Google Books, etc.


Users may optionally setup a public Google+ account as part of their SU Google account. Users will have to provide a date of birth and common name to use Google+ features. User's who fail to provide a date of birth showing that they are at least 13 years of age will have their entire SU Google account suspended until they follow Google's age verification procedure to prove they meet the age requirements. SU Google users intending to use Google+ are urged to provide a valid date of birth showing they are at least 13 years of age as Syracuse University and ITS have no control over the state of accounts suspended due to age restrictions and such suspensions must be resolved through Google's age verification process. Age verification requires providing government issued identification or credit-card information to Google as part of it's age verification process. 

Like any other Social Media or On-Line profile, information you provide to Google+ and other Google services and products may be seen by other users and third parties. Please be sure to carefully read the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies of any Google service or product your intend to use and comply with all applicable laws such as FERPA, HIPPA, and CIPA regulations. For more information about Syracuse University’s Information Technology policies see

How to turn on or turn off Google+ as a user

  1. Sign into your Google Workspace account
  2. Click on your username or grid located on the upper right hand corner of the screen
  3. Select to Join Google+
  4. Follow the Google+ instructions that will take you through the steps on how to set up your profile
  5. Click Finish
  6. Check your privacy settings

Note: You cannot change your Google+ Profile name. 


YouTube is outside of the core services offered by Google Workspace. As such, basic access for users restricts usage unless users also enable their Google+ accounts. An example of this is that you will get an error if you try to upload a video or create a YouTube channel. Try setting up the Google+ page first. 

YouTube and Google+

If users wish to create content using their account, they must first set up and ensure their Google+ account is enabled, and then they can select to do YouTube uploads and channel creation. It is recommended that they restrict the information posted on their Google+ pages and check their YouTube privacy settings.


Syracuse University has two Calendar groups - the first group is called the Primary group. Primary grouped calendars set by the user can only be viewed by internal logged in users. To the public, the calendar may be shared, but events and meetings will be blocked off as "Busy" and give no further details. Users can further restrict these settings.

Secondary grouped calendars may be shared externally with full viewing rights that include meeting/event details. Users must designate calendars with these viewing rights under the Share this Calendar tab when looking at Calendar settings where you can select to make the calendar public and customize details. For more information on how to use your G Suite calendar sharing options:


Q: Google says, “The email or password you entered is incorrect.”

A: Be sure to type in the full account address as the Email / Username ( The password field should be left blank, as you will be redirected to SU’s SSO to complete the sign-in process.


Q: On Syracuse University’s SSO page I receive the message, “Sorry! We didn’t recognize the username or password you entered. Please try again.”

A: Be sure you are entering your full SU email address or SU NetID password in the appropriate panels. You can check and manage your NetID and password at


Q: How do I request or activate my SU Google account?

A: If you are current Syracuse University Student, Faculty, or Staff with an active SU NetID you can simply log into a supported Google service like Gmail, YouTube, or Google Drive then read through and accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policies.


Q: Can I use my account with Chromebooks or Mobile Devices?

A: Currently Google does not offer support of account syncing for Google Workspace Accounts using SSO to some mobile devices, such as devices running Android versions older than 2.1, or Chromebooks. Devices running Android 2.1 or newer can use the Browser sign-in option to sync their Google Workspace accounts. 


Q: How much space is available for Google Drive?

A: Due to changes in Google's service offering Google Drive storage will be capped for the organization with limited space being made available, by default, to all users.

Q: What happens to my account when I am no longer affiliated with Syracuse University?

A: Due to changes in Google's service offering, once you are no longer current student, faculty, or staff, you will not have access to your account. Your account and all data will be available for a period of time to allow you to retrieve your data.  After that time the account and all data will be removed.  Please see the Answers Page entitled "IT Resource Access for Inactive Affiliations" for more information.

Getting Help

For support of the information above, contact the ITS Help Desk by calling at 315-443-2677, by emailing, or by stopping into 1-227 CST.