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This page will discuss about Form and Control Templates.

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Form templates

There are two types of form templates:

  • Templates we've created for you.
  • Templates you publish yourself.

Publishing Your Own Templates

  • You can make any of your existing forms into a template that you can then use as a
    starting point when creating a different form.
  • The forms you publish will be available to all users on www.frevvo.com.
  • From the Forms home page, click the icon next to the name of the form you wish to make a template.
  • When you click the , you'll see the Publish Template page. It has three fields:
    1. Template Name:  This defaults to the name of your form. You can keep this name or overlay it with a different one.
    2. Tags in this field type at least one tag that will help you quickly find your template. Type as many tags as you like; if you type more than one, separate them with a comma. Your tag may be more than one word.
    3. Description:  This defaults to the forms description. Keep this description or overlay it with a different one.
  • Click Submit to publish your template or click Reset to clear the three fields and start over.
  • If you don't want to publish your template, click the X to close the form.
  • After you publish a template, you and all other logged-in frevvo users may use it.

Using Your Own Template

  • To use a template when creating a new form, click Templates > Forms from Frevvo's main menu.
  • You'll see the tags you created when you published your templates. Click any tag to display a list of matching templates.
  • After the list of matching templates is displayed, you can:
  1. Test the template by clicking (the Try icon) the template displays as a fully functional form so you can enter and validate data before deciding whether you want to use it.
  2. Use the template in a new form by clicking (the Add icon). Once you've used it to create your form, you can customize your form without ever affecting the template.
  3. Email the template by clicking (the EMail icon). The email message includes a link to the template, which the recipient can view and test.
  • If you choose to add the template, you'll be walked through a wizard that allows you to make minor modifications before your new form is launched.

Using Frevvo's Form Templates

  • To use one of the templates that come with frevvo, click New to create your new form and choose the template name from the dropdown list.
  • You also can access these templates by choosing Templates -> Form Templates from the top menu.

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