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Orange Tracker (OT) has the ability to track time and log work within individual issues of the project.

  • The Estimated field displays the amount of time originally anticipated to solve the issue. This value can be entered before work is logged and cannot be changed once work has been logged.
  • The Remaining field displays the amount of time currently anticipated to solve the issue 
  • The Logged field displays the amount of time logged working on the issue so far

Log Work

To log your work, Go to More pull-down and select Log Work

When you log time for an issue, the time spent is subtracted from the original estimate, and the resulting value is automatically presented in the remaining estimate.

Log Work fieldDescription
Time spentThe amount of time spent on the issue. This is the aggregate amount of time that has been logged against this issue.
Date started

Date and time when you started this unit of work.

Remaining estimated

Amount of time anticipated to resolve the issue after completing this unit of work. You can adjust this value using the following options:

  • Adjust Automatically - (Default Value) - Adjust the remaining estimate value by subtracting the amount of work logged in the Time Spent field from the remaining estimate current value.
  • Leave Estimate unset - This option is displayed only if no time estimate has been specified on the issue. You can use this option when you want to keep track of work, but you don't necessarily have a time estimate for an issue.
  • Use Existing Estimate of - Select this option if you do not want to change the issue remaining estimate value.
  • Set to - You can adjust the remaining estimate value to the amount of time you specify in this field.
  • Reduce by - Select this option to manually adjust the remaining estimate value by subtracting the amount of time you specify in this field.
Work description

Type a description related to the achieved work.

Comments are copied to the Workflow Description by default.

You can also log work while resolving or closing an issue by editing the log work fields

Time Tracking Settings

These settings are set by the Orange Tracker administrators

The number of working hours per day is 8.
The number of working days per week is 5.
Time estimates will be displayed in the following format: pretty (e.g. 4 days, 4 hours, 30 minutes)
The current default unit for time tracking is hour.
Copying of comments to work description is currently enabled. (Any content entered into a Comment field while logging work as part of an issue operation, is also copied across to the Work Description.)

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