What can IT use GitHub for?

GitHub allows you to create, store, change, merge, and collaborate on files or code. Any member of a team can access the GitHub repository (think of this as a folder for files) and see the most recent version in real-time. Then, they can make edits or changes that the other collaborators also see.  The files can be source code for applications or scripts being created or maintained by the Team or simply configuration files or build steps used to setup and administer a service or application.

Why do I need to use GitHub?

Simple answer is version control.  Version control is important as it makes collaboration more transparent and reproducible. By visibly tracking iterative changes, you and your Team can experiment with new approaches knowing that you can revert to the original as needed or keep track of changes to a service over time.

GitHub Security

Syracuse University's GitHub IT users need to prioritize top-notch security for their stored information. To achieve this, enable "Passkeys" using your YubiKey Smartcard as your physical device for logging into GitHub. Learn More

Can I use GitHub to make tasks easier to accomplish?

GitHub has GitHub Actions that allow for automation and Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) to be used with your Team's repositories. Learn More

How to get started

Additional Information

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