Users of the Syracuse University Zoom system can create a link to Zoom meetings within their Blackboard courses. Only one link per course is required to access all of your meetings. 


Accessing Zoom from the  Blackboard Tools Area

1 - Log into Blackboard.

2 - Click on the Tools link in your menu:

Menu link to Tools area

3. - Select Zoom meeting from the list of tools (it's the last one).

Creating a Zoom Link in Blackboard Content Area

1 - Log into Blackboard and go to any Content Area where you wish to deploy the Zoom link. 

2 - In the top menu, select Tools and locate the Zoom Meeting option.

Zoom Meeting Link in the Blackboard Tools Menu

3 - Give the tool a name, and an optional description.  In this example, we will schedule a Virtual Classroom with recurring sessions every Thursday. As the link is important to students, place it prominently in the course.

4 - Click Submit.

Creating a Zoom Link in the Blackboard Menu

1 - Log into Blackboard. Click the plus sign at the upper left of your course menu and select "Tool Link:" 

 Add Blackboard menu item

2 - Select "Zoom Meeting" at the end of the list.

3 - Give the menu link s name. You can call it "Zoom meetings, Online Class, or anything you would like. Make sure to check the "Available to Student: box so your students will be able to see the link: 

blackboard menu items

4 - The link will appear at the bottom of your course menu. You can drag the link to a different position in the course menu if you want to.

Note: When instructors log into Zoom via Blackboard, they see any meetings they have scheduled in Zoom, regardless of their association to the course. Use descriptive meeting titles to organize your meetings to sort between classes/sections.

This will not be an issue for some instructors but may impact those who use Zoom for other functions or teach more than one section with Zoom.

When students log into Zoom via Blackboard, they see only the meetings scheduled for that course, regardless of instructor.

1 - Click the link in the Content Area previously created using the steps above.

2 - Under the Upcoming Meetings tab, click manage future meetings.

3 - To create a new meeting, click the blue Schedule a New Meeting button at the top right:

blue schedule a new meeting button

4 - Enter a Topic for the meeting. An optional Description is available if desired. Since this will be a recurring meeting, the Topic and Description will be reused for additional meetings and so are not specific to a given week’s topic (i.e. Chapter 1.)

Recording and Making Recordings Available within Blackboard

To make a meeting recording available in Blackboard after it's finished, you should use the Cloud Recording feature during your meeting.

Once you have stopped recording the system will take some time to process it, depending on its length. When the recording is ready you will receive an email about its status. 

To make the recording available in Blackboard:

1 - Return to the Zoom tool in your course 

2 - Click on the "Recordings" tab along the top

3 - Click the publish button for the recordings you want to make available. You can turn these recordings on and off for your students at any time. Students will access the recordings in the same location. 

Screenshot of Zoom Recordings in Blackboard.

Getting Help

For support on the information above, contact the  ITS Help Desk.


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