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For more information on the mobile app for Orange Tracker (such as installing and configuring the mobile app), visit  Mobile App for Orange Tracker

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Navigation Screen (Main Screen)

When you first open the app, you are taken to the "Navigation" screen by default. It consists of several one-tap actions that will display a list of issues. They include

  • Assigned to me
  • Reported by me
  • Recently updated
  • Watched issues
  • Recent issues
  • Filters
  • Activities

All the actions can be manipulated by the three attributes at the bottom

  • Sorty by - will modify the search order of all the above actions. Any available field can be chosen
  • Hide close Issues - this will hide closed issues although they would otherwise be part of the search
  • Hide resolved issues - this will hide resolved issues although they would otherwise be part of the search


Use the gear icon in the upper-left to access the settings menu.

  1. Default Project:  From here, you can change the default project for the app (used in the search screen and activities list and set as the default project for issue creation). 
  2. Hide Service Desk Tab: Service Desk is not available in Orange Tracker, so you should hide this tab.  This will remove the service icon from the menu along the bottom of the screen
  3. Hide Agile Tab:  Agile is used by only a couple of departments, so usually you should hide this tab to remove it from the menu along the bottom of the screen.
  4. Default Dashboard:  use to set the dashboard that will appear when you select the "Dashboards" icon from the bottom menu.  You can view a different dashboard by selecting "Board" in the title of the dashboard and selecting from a dashboard from the list that appears.

For more information, please go to the Configuring the Mobile App for Orange Tracker page

Create New Issues

Select the plus sign in the upper-right hand corner to create a new Orange Tracker issue.

See Create Issues in the Mobile App for Orange Tracker for more information.


Search Screen

Select the Search icon from the menu at the bottom of the screen to search for issues on the fly.

Basic Search

You can search by a limited number of fields:

  • Query: enter a search term that will be search in description and summary fields or enter an issue key such as TST-123.
  • Project: Filter by project. If the project list is not up-to-date, refresh it manually by pulling it down
  • Version: Filter by version but make sure you select a project first
  • Type: Issue types
  • Status
  • Assignee
  • Component
  • Order by

Advanced Search

When you tap on the advanced control, you will be able to enter JQL directly. JIRA Connect will also provide some suggestions based on your entry and what valid fields, keywords, and operators are available in Jira. Here is some documentation to valid JQL syntax.

For example you can enter a query such  as:

Project = "HELP" AND Assignee = "netid" ORDER BY priority


Note that not all gadgets will work on the mobile app.  If your dashboard does not display correctly, try a dashboard with a different set of gadgets.  Gadgets that are known to work include:

  • Filter results
  • pie chart
  • calendar
  • assigned to me


Default Dashboard

You can set a default dashboard in the settings section of the mobile app, and it will then appear here.

If you change the default dashboard, you will need to log out of the app and then log in again for it to appear on the dashboards screen.  If you deselect the default dashboard, so there is no default dashboard, the previous dashboard will still appear until you log out and then log in again. 

Switching Dashboards

While viewing the dashboard, select the word "Board" in the title bar.  It will bring up a list of dashboards that you can access.  Select the dashboard you would like to view.  If you recently added a dashboard and it doesn't appear, try pulling down the page to refresh the list.

Even though you can view a dashboard name in the list, you may not be able to see any of the data, depending on the permissions you have in the projects accessed by the dashboard.

Agile and Service Desk

Service Desk is an add-on that is not installed in Orange Tracker.  You should hide this icon (see settings for instructions on how to hide the icon)

Agile is used by only a few projects in Orange Tracker.  Most users will want to hide this icon (see settings for instructions on how to hide the icon)

Work on Issues

You can also perform a number of actions on issues from other screens in the mobile app, including assigning issues, closing/resolving issues, editing issues, and adding an attachment to an issue.

For more information on working on issues, see Work on Issues using the Mobile App for Orange Tracker