View Form Submissions

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  • This page explains how to view the form submissions.

Difficulty Level

  • Beginner


  • From the Submissions page you can see who has been using your form and what data they submitted. You can see exactly when the form was submitted and all data the user entered. You can view each submission individually and can export all submission information into Excel.
  • The form submissions can be seen by clicking on the Submission tab (located on the Forms page). This will open below page:

  • The graph shows how may submission are received over a stated period of time.
  • You can change the period by changing the To and From dates.
  • On the right hand side, you can see the submission graph.
  • The list of the form submissions can be viewed at the bottom.
  • The submitted information can be deleted by clicking the check box and then clicking Delete.
  • The list of submissions can be exported to Excel sheet by clicking
  • If you selected the 'save PDF' option on the form, then in addition to your form data, a PDF image of the form will also be stored. To access the PDF, double-click any submission in the table. A clickable link to the PDF document will be visible on the data tab.

In order to see field information in the submissions list, you must select the fields to be saved in the form itself.

  • Edit your form.
  • On the left side, under Properties, click on the link called "Click to setup Key/Saved fields."
  • Check the boxes next to the field names you wish to save or check ALL.

    IMPORTANT: If you add new fields to the form, you must go into this section and check those boxes. Otherwise, the new fields will not be saved.