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Web Accessibility Resources and Guidelines

Web Accessibility Resources

World Wide Web (W3C) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 HTML Accessibility Resources 

  • is a leader in providing excellent resources for learning about HTML accessibility. (Webaim)

Web Accessibility Manual Evaluation Checklist (.docx)

Common Accessibility Errors Checklist (docx)

  • This lists the most common accessibility errors and gives step by step instructions on how to fix them. [MS Word document] (SU ITS)

Meaningful Alt Text

  • Having trouble deciding if your image needs alt text or what it should be? This decision tree will help. (4Syllables)

How to structure headings for web accessibility

  • Great article on how to use headings to convey structure and when not to use headings.

Web Accessibility Learning Opportunities

Mobile Accessibility

Mobile Accessibility Guidelines and Testing

Best practices for designing accessible mobile apps

Screen reader testing on mobile devices

Web Accessibility Checkers

Compliance Sheriff

How to Check for the Top 10 Accessibility Requirements

WAVE Web Accessibility Tool

Contrast Checker with color selection tools

  • Checks for WCAG compliance and provides tools for modifying colors to enhance contrast (Vision Australia)