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Personal Wireless Printers

Most wireless printers will not work on campus WiFi networks, including Syracuse University’s, because they were designed for smaller or less secure home networks.  Some Wi-Fi printers may also cause problems for the network.  We recommend a Bluetooth wireless connection or USB cable to connect your printer to you computer instead.

Printing On Campus

To find more information about printing on campus and managing your print account, follow the link below:

Managing Your Student Print Account

For ITS lab locations and software lists, follow the link below:

ITS Managed Lab Locations

To find more information about wireless printing from your email account, follow the link below:

Printing at Syracuse University (See Email to Print)

Connecting a Laptop to a Wireless Printer on Campus

Throughout campus there are local printers that are able to be connected to wirelessly using your laptop. Please follow the instructions at the links below depending on your operating system:

Wireless Printing on Windows 10

Wireless Printing on macOS