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Using the mobile app for Orange Tracker

For information on navigating the mobile app and finding issues, visit Using the Mobile App for Orange Tracker


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Work on a Single Issue

Select an issue from a list generated by one of the pre-defined searches on the Navigation screen or by an ad hoc search on the "Search" screen.

Issue Details includes description, people, dates, and time tracking sections, and custom fields. Most fields can be edited by tapping on them on the detail screen.

Issue fields can be edited on the details screen by tapping on them. Custom fields are not editable in this way. Alternatively the options button can be pressed and the Edit can be selected, this will put the issue into edit mode with all fields being editable on one screen.

Pencil and Paper icon displaying options  Thought icon displaying options

You may need to swipe up to see all the available actions.  While these actions will display for every issue, you'll only be able to perform the actions for which you have permissions.  Otherwise, you will may get an error 403.  For example, if you select "Delete" but are not a project manager in the project, you will get an error 403 "No permissions to delete the issue."

Issue List

An issue list is displayed as a result of a search or tapping on an option on the Navigation screen. The issue list is scroll-able and the total number of issues is shown in the title in parenthesis. The list is scroll-able and will reload additional issues as needed. A small bar on the bottom may be displayed while additional items are being loaded.

Each issue displays an issue type icon, a priority icon, the issue key, the assignee, the summary and the first few lines of the description. In addition the status of the issue is rendered on a colored box on the right side. For some issues you will see a star on the bottom left, which means that you are currently watching the issue.

Each issue can be swiped in either direction and provides shortcuts to operations that are available via the menu button.

  • A right swipe will reveal an assign(blue), watch(orange), log work(yellow) comment(green) buttons. If you tap on one of the options, the operation will be specifically applied to this issue.
  • A left swipe, the more and edit option are displayed. Edit will put the issue into edit mode, whereas more will display additional options similar to the menu button on the issue detail screen.

If you don't have permissions to perform an action (such as delete the issue), you won't be able to complete the action and may get an error 403.