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Q. When will the Sesquicentennial be observed?

A. This engagement will involve planning a yearlong celebration, from August 2019—October 2020, including events, programs and academic symposiums reflecting on our history and values, while celebrating the present and looking forward to the future. However, the Steering Committee members recognized that the campus observations should not be underway until August 2019 when the academic year begins. The excitement will build as both academic and celebratory recognition will be planned to honor our founding on National Orange Day March 24, 2020.

Q. Who planned the 150th Anniversary celebration?

A.  The Steering Committee was appointed in November 2017 and has sought campus input and volunteers since then. Co-Chairs Bea González and Susan Ballard have been actively engaging campus and community members through monthly meetings and dozens of conversations with campus constituents.

Q. How can I participate in the 150th Anniversary celebration?

A. Sesquicentennial events will celebrate Syracuse University’s storied past and present, while highlighting the University’s future built upon innovation and collaboration. We encourage all members of the Orange community to view the 150th events/initiatives on the official University calendar. We also encourage all campus partners to utilize the resources available on these pages when planning their event. Once you are ready to start promoting your event, please add it to the University calendar. 

For social media channels, use #SU150 as the official hashtag of the University Sesquicentennial.

Q. How do I add 150th Anniversary events to the University calendar?

A. A drop down 150th Anniversary filter is available to make it easier to sort through celebratory events.  We encourage you to populate the calendar with related events.

Q. What is the event strategy and classification? How do I know if an event should be listed as a 150th event?

 A. The 150th Steering Committee quickly realized the most effective way to honor Syracuse University’s past, present, and future would be to follow the 90/10 rule, as it relates to events. As such, 90 percent of what will be celebrated is already taking place.  Marketing toolkit assets are available  to ensure the look, feel, and messaging is aligned with the University brand and 150th Anniversary.  Specifically, the Steering Committee divided the events/programs into three different classifications: Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something Orange.

Something New: A new One University program/initiative/element to help celebrate and honor Syracuse University’s past, the present, and the future.

Something Borrowed: College/unit communicators will utilize the 150th Marketing & Communications toolkit to ensure smaller initiatives and events across the University incorporate the look/feel/messaging of the 150th Anniversary. There are nearly 150 of these programs/events across campus, which the Steering Committee collected during summer 2018.

Something Orange: Existing major programs, events, and lecture series will be enhanced to significantly incorporate the 150th themes of celebrating the past, present and future of Syracuse University.

Anniversary activities will bring together students, faculty, staff, alumni, donors and supporters across the globe in four areas of focus:

    • Student life;
    • Academics and research;
    • Arts and culture; and
    • Local, national and global community engagement.

Marketing Information

Q. What are the University’s marketing goals for the 150th?

A. The marketing scope of work includes ideation, creation and production of specific, integrated deliverables such as print, digital and multimedia to help successfully execute the Steering Committee's operational plan. The team, as well as all creative services providers, will utilize the University’s evolving brand guidelines and tools—as they are made available over the next 12 months—in the design and production process.

Through deep campus partnerships and creative execution, the marketing team will advance the creative expression and create the “tools” of celebration such as storytelling, imagery, digital, multimedia and print assets meant to appeal to both hearts and minds.

Q. What are the usage guidelines for 150th signifier use in relation to the Block S stand alone?  Do we use it in place of Block S during the Sesquicentennial Anniversary?

A. The signifier should replace the Syracuse University mark on select applications during the anniversary year, including celebratory events (e.g., invitations, signage) and digital applications, including on the 150th landing page (August 2019) and in social media. We do not recommend that the anniversary signifier replace the Syracuse University logo on admissions materials or communications, unless it’s featured content.  The signifier does not need an official registration mark.

Q. Several other schools/units are having anniversaries in 2020 (Whitman, Hendricks, Law, SU Abroad, etc.) Can the 150th signifier be used with other lockups?

A. Since the 150th supersedes school-based anniversaries, we recommend leading with the University anniversary, and then contextualizing the contributions of individual schools in achieving 150 years of impact. The anniversary signifier may travel/co-exist with school signatures, but schools should not create anniversary signifiers of their own.

Q. Will the University Bookstore sell 150th merchandise?

A. Yes. Working with University Trademark and Licensing, the Bookstore will have several clothing and accessory items available online and in-store with the 150th signifier. Units may buy licensed merchandise at a significant discount through the Bookstore.

Q. Who will pay for 150th merchandise and specialty swag? How do I order specialty swag for my school/college/department?

A.  The current local and internal licensee list is available on the Syracuse University Trademark and Licensing web page. Central funding is not available for 150th merchandise. Individual units will be responsible for purchasing any related merchandise. 

Historical Impact

Q. Is there a celebratory significance to the fall 2019 first-year entering class?

A. Although it was established in 1870, Syracuse University did not begin offering classes until the fall of 1871, which means the incoming class in 2019 will actually be the 149th, not the 150th.

The first graduating class at Syracuse University was the class of 1872, which like above means the graduating class of 2020 will actually be the 149th, not the 150th.

The University held multiple commencements some years (as many as 5 in 1944!), for various mostly war-related reasons: the need to graduate enlisting soldiers quickly during World War II; students training in war-related programs not tied to the university schedule; and to manage the graduation of the large influx of students taking advantage of the GI Bill after the war. Some of these commencements were numbered in sequence, but some were not, so the actual number of commencements held was higher than 165.

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