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As Syracuse University celebrates 150 years of impact, we have an opportunity to elevate our revitalized identity and energize those who know and love us.  We have created an official signifier to mark this historic milestone.

The Block S, our boldest and most recognizable asset, serves as the focal point.  Located in the center, it represents the power and prowess of our Orange community. "150 Years of Impact" surrounds the Block S in an arc, echoing the shape of our heritage seal.

Together, these elements honor the global impact of not just Syracuse University but the entire Orange community - then, now and always.

Color Variations

Orange (preferred)

As our official university color, orange is the preferred signifier.  Use this version whenever possible.


When using an orange background, apply the blue version of the signifier.  To ensure an unmistakable connection to Syracuse University, this version should only be used when accompanied by orange.

Knockout (white)

Knockout (against dark backgrounds or photography)

To meet legal requirements, the knockout version may not be used without the  Syracuse University wordmark in a supporting position.

This version should only be applied on dark backgrounds or images where the preferred version lacks contrast. Avoid overlaying the signifier on photography  in ways that obstruct the subject.

Clear Space

Keep the signifier clear of competing text, images and graphics by maintaining the minimum amount of clear space, equal to half the height of the Block S on all sides.

Minimum size

Ensure legibility of our signifier by using sizes equal to or greater then 0.5" in height for print, and 50pxin height for digital applications.


Orange and blue are our official university colors.  The color values for each have been updated to optimize how they appear in various environments.

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