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Our Signifier

As Syracuse University celebrates 150 years of impact, we have an opportunity to elevate our revitalized identity and energize those who know and love us. To mark this historic milestone, we've created an official 150th signifier.

Our Manifesto 

Celebrating 150 years of firsts

Syracuse University has never been bound by convention or the status quo.  What is at first audacious to the world is just right for us.  And that's always been our point of pride.  Our founders created a place that embraces and emboldens leaders of all kinds to get to the future, first.

Since then, our classrooms have welcomed students who spark social change, drive entrepreneurial innovation and uncover truth and beauty in all forms of expression.  We were the nation's first degree-granting college of fine arts and the first information sciences school.  We've led in the laboratory, on stage and across the playing field.

Our fearless founders recognized then what we know now.  That powerful ideas are born from boldness and boundlessness.  That connecting different people, places, perspectives and practices is how potential is realized and how progress is accelerated.

As we mark our first century and a half, we look back at our fearless firsts that changed the Syracuse community, our region and the world.  Now we stand at the forefront of what's next.  As we did in 1870 and as we do now, we don't just face the horizon - we chase it.  Because, first and foremost, that's where the future is, and there's a whole lot of orange in it.

Our Messages


Since 1870, Syracuse University has upheld the idea that “brains and heart shall have a fair chance*” at achieving a University degree.  We were pioneers in recognizing women’s achievements, the academic validity of the fine arts, the emergence of information studies and the importance of educational opportunities that serve veterans. Our founding values are embedded in 150 years of educational innovation, expansion, discovery and change.

Built on a history of fearless firsts.


Syracuse University is a vibrant incubator of learning, growing and becoming. We are a welcoming community that embraces differences―in people, places, beliefs and aspirations. Wherever we are in the world, we provide a wellspring for active minds, a welcoming community for veterans, a launch pad for new ideas, a canvas for artistic expression and a network that is second to none. We embrace our local, national and global connections and are deeply committed to the stewardship of future generations.

We don't just admire horizons; we chase them.


Syracuse University will use our legacy of academic excellence, innovation and inclusion as the spark that ignites the imagination and creates a future filled with investigation, impact and discovery. Our willingness to venture beyond boundaries creates opportunities to unleash the power of human potential. Together, we can explore ideas, build pathways and surpass the limits of what’s possible today.

Join us on our journey.

Our Anniversary Statement

(for printed materials)

Syracuse University's 150th anniversary is an opportunity to honor our history, reflect on our values and set a clear path forward.  To mark this milestone, we celebrate the impact of fearless firsts that changed the Syracuse community, our region and the world.  As we look back and stand at the forefront of what's next, we're reminded to make the most of every moment then, now and always.

Your Resources

Find more guidelines, assets and tools here:

*Syracuse University:  The Pioneer Days; W. Freeman Galpin, SU Press 1952. Page 35.

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