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Welcome to the MPA Workshops.  The MPA Workshops are an excellent opportunity to apply the theory, concepts, and skills you have been developing over the course of the MPA program.  You will participate as part of a student team to design, conduct and present the results of a project for a real-world client.  Given the capabilities of you and your teammates and four-weeks of dedicated time, you can expect to develop a professional quality product that makes a genuine contribution to your client organzation as well as a gratifying experience.

Josh Kennedy and I will hold a mandatory meeting on Friday, April 8th to discuss the process for assigning students to teams and projects, and other general expectations for the course.  Once assigned to a team, the faculty supervisor for your project will be in touch with additional guidance and expectations.  I look forward to seeing each of you on Friday.

Professor Bifulco


PAI 752 Syllabus

Workshop Projects

List of projects and brief synopsis

2022 MPA Workshop List of Projects and Brief Synopsis.docx

Full Project Proposals

  1. 1st Amendment 1st Vote Full Project Proposal.docx
  2. Bath Housing Authority - Full Project Proposal.docx
  3. City of Syracuse - Full Project.docx
  4. Hopeprint NExt 2022 MPA Full Project Proposal.pdf
  5. Institute for Defense Analysis - Full Proposal.docx
  6. Montgomery County - Full Project Proposal.docx
  7. Near East Foundation - Full Project Proposal.docx
  8. New York State Department of State - Full Proposal.docx
  9. NYSED - BPSS Financial Viability Implementation - Full Proposal.docx
  10. NYSED - Regional Collaborative Efforts in Education.docx
  11. NYSED -School Mental Health and School Health Services Data Collection.docx
  12. Onondaga County - Full Project Proposal.docx
  13. Parkview Junior Academy - Full Project Description.docx
  14. RAND - Full Project Proposal_Economic Coercion.docx
  15. RAND 2022 - Full Project Proposal_Space Governance.docx
  16. RISE- Full Project Proposal.docx
  17. Schuyler County - Expenditure and Revenue Projection.docx
  18. Syracuse Veterans Administration Medical Center - Full Project Proposal.docx
  19. USAID - Full Project Proposal.docx
  20. U.S. Department of Justice ICITAP - Full Project Proposal.docx
  21. U.S. Department of Justice - Northern District of New York.docx
  22. Conservation Law Center

MPA Workshop Preference Survey

Examples of Past Projects

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