Creating events in Maxwell's Sitefinity calendar system will be similar to how this was done in our previous CMS but we now have incorporated better integration into SU's Community Calendar from Sitefinity.   Because of this integration, we have also added an approval process to all events to ensure content is complete and correctly formatted for display on both Maxwell's and SU's calendar tools.  

Weekly events digest

Public Maxwell events will also be included in a weekly events digest email which is sent out Friday afternoons during the fall and spring semesters.  Each event in this digest will include:

  • Title
  • Time and location details
  • Summary field
  • Event contact and phone number



Logging into Sitefinity

Creating an event

  1. From the Dashboard go to Content > Events

    events section

  2. Click the green "Create an event" button on the right side of the page:

    Create an event screen and button

  3. Enter event details into their respective fields.  These fields include the following types of information.  Please note: There are new fields here that are required by the SU calendar.

    • Title

    • Full Event Description

    • Summary

    • Date and time

    • Add Event to Unit Calendars

    • Location

    • Event category

    • Type

    • Audience

    • Accessibility
    • Cost
    • Registration information
    • Organizer / co-organizer
    • Learn more link
    • Parking information
    • Minors present
    • Publish to SU calendar
    • Contact information

Required fields

The following fields MUST be filled out prior to trying to save or send the event for approval:

  • Title
  • Full Event Description
  • Summary
  • Add Event to Unit Calendars
  • Contact email, name and phone number
  • URL (automatically generated from the event title)

Sending for Approval

Given the extra complexity of integrating our Maxwell events into the SU events calendar, all events will go through an approval process being reviewed by the Deans Office before they are published to either the Maxwell or SU calendar.  This approval process begins by clicking the Send for Approval button on the top-right of the page.    

Click the send for approval button

Next, you will be presented with the option to add extra notes regarding your event to have the Maxwell Deans office review as part of your event submission.  These notes will NOT become part of the event details when published.

Extra notes for review process

Deleting events

Currently there is a bug in Sitefinity that prevents website maintainers from deleting content (such as events) that are part of a workflow approval process.  If you need to remove or cancel an event, please email with the event's title and date.

Individual field descriptions 


This will become the clickable link into more details of the event and is limited to 100 characters.   This limitation is to ensure that it will fit across all Maxwell digital platforms (web site, newsletters, digital signage, etc).   Do not put the sponsoring department in the title.

Caste in the United States: Overview of the Civil Rights Movement for Caste Protections

Full Event Description

This is the "body" of the event that people will see when clicking on a link to view more details regarding the event.  Please do not use ALL CAPS and limit use of bolding. 

The Moynihan Institute of Global Affairs’ South Asia Center presents:

Caste in the United States: Overview of the Civil Rights Movement for Caste Protections with Thenmozhi Soundararajan, Director of Equality Labs

This talk will explore the history of caste civil rights, urgent cases, and campaigns that Equality Labs is leading around the United States.

About the speaker:

Thenmozhi Soundararajan is a Dalit rights artist, technologist and theorist. Currently, Thenmozhi is the co-founder and executive director of Equality Labs, a Dalit Civil Rights organization that uses community research, cultural and political organizing, popular education and digital security to build power to end caste apartheid, white supremacy, gender-based violence, and religious intolerance.


This field appears below the event title when presented in the main Maxwell calendar.  The summary should be written to complement, but not be redundant with the title.  The use of acronyms should be avoided. 

As in the example below, the summary should include who is speaking or presenting, and any additional contextual information.

Thenmozhi Soundararajan, executive director of Equality Labs, will provide an overview of the civil rights movement for caste protections in the U.S.


Ignore this field.  The "Default Calendar" is the correct and only choice.

Event start, end and time zone

Use the icons which are adjacent to the date and time fields to choose and enter the proper starting and ending times.   Only change the time zone for events that take place in other time zones.

Times dates and timezones


Add Event to Unit Calendars

Click the "+" icon to choose which pages this event should appear on.  Multiple units can be selected.

Choose which Sitefinity section

Click on "Show all units and programs" to see unit options:

Click on show all units and programs

Browse to the desired (academic) Department or Research unit.  Alternatively, you can use the search to "Narrow by typing".  Please ignore the Administration and Certificates options in this context.

Browse to department or research section

Check the box adjacent to the department.   For some research units (i.e. Moynihan), you may need to go deeper into the hierarchy to select the correct unit.  

Select unit

Here the "Center for European Studies" is selected which is under Moynihan:

Selecting a sub-unit


This section is for the Communications Team only.  

Geographic Location

Use the dropdown menus to select the proper location and building.  When entering the Room Number, do not include the building name or abbreviation.  

Note: there is another location field lower in the form for entering specific addresses outside of the main SU campus. 

Enter location information

Event category, type and audience

These selections will be used in the Maxwell and SU calendars as filters to help site visitors find relevant events.  If no audience options are selected, then a generic message will be presented saying that the event is simply open to the public. 

Select category, type and audience choices


Depending upon the size of your event, specific accessibility accommodations may be required.   Please see this site for the University's live events policies.  Check the boxes for the specific services that will be offered at your event. 

 Accessibility options

Cost and registration

If you are charging an entrance fee or asking people to register for your event, enter the cost, choose the appropriate wording from the Registration Label dropdown and enter the link to your registration page.

cost and registration fields


Choose the appropriate  Maxwell unit(s) who organize / co-organize the event.   

If you want to link to another web page for event viewers to learn more about your event, enter the full url into the Link to Learn More field. 

Click the "+" icon below the Calendar Organizers heading to reveal a list of recently selected organizers.  You may click into the blue box to search for the organizer name  or click "Show all calendar organizers" to see a full list of available choices.  Please note that this list is very long since it pulls its choices from the SU  Calendar's list of organizers.  

The first organizer that you add will be the main event organizer.  Any  additional organizers will be considered "co-organizers".  

Doing a search for "max-" will present the Maxwell choices:

Parking information 

Use this field for specific parking instructions.  If needed, reference SU-hosted information from the web site.  

Parking information

Minors Present

Indicate if you know if minors will be present at the event. 

Indicate if minors will be present at the event.

Publish to Maxwell School and Syracuse University calendars

Check box to indicate if your event is to be  also published to the Syracuse University Community Calendar.  When you choose to have your event be published on the SU calendar ( the event is considered public and will be also be put on Maxwell's main calendar.

Location (specific map address)

If needed, please enter the specific address of the event. 

map address

Contact information

Enter contact information for someone who can answer further questions regarding the event.   This must be a individual with working knowledge of the event.  This person will also be listed as the contact for any accessibility accommodations.   For this reason, this MUST be actual contact information.   Please enter phone numbers with dots and not hyphens (315.443.XXXX)

email, contact name and phone

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