Chair - Christopher DeCorse    Graduate Director - Robert Rubinstein   Undergraduate Director  - Guido Pezzarossi
Administrative Specialist -  Jackulyn L Wells    Administrative Assistant I - Lilly Nelson

209 Maxwell Hall   phone 315-443-2200

Department Website

Graduate Student Resources

Application and Admission

Checklist for Admitted Graduate Students

Fellowship Rules, Responsibilities and Benefits Handbook

Future Professoriate Program

Graduate Courses

Graduate Resources (current/prospective students, forms, living)

Graduate Student Code of Conduct

Graduate Student Organization

Graduate RA and TA Benefits and Responsibilities Handbook

Ph.D.s Awarded

Requirements and Links to Course Catalog

Scholarship Guidelines and Responsibilities

Forever Orange Scholarship

Undergraduate Student Resources

Academic Forms and Procedures (e.g., drop/add,  request a leave, appeal a grade)


Career Planning

Declaring a Major or Minor

Requirements for Distinction

Requirements and Links to Course Catalog

Tutoring Resources

Undergraduate Courses

Forever Orange Scholarship

Academic Rules

Academic Year calendar

Anthropology Library Resources & Contact Information

Community calendar

General Information

Map of campus

Useful Links


Connecting on campus? Faculty, Staff, Students, Guests 

Where can I find a form?  Undergrads Grads , Faculty

Where can I print?  Printing

Wireless  Access at SU? Faculty, Staff Students, Guests


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