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Venue: Eggers 112
Day: Wednesday
Time: 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Note: Any change to the venue, day, or time will be indicated with the date of the event.

The Applied Micro Seminar is organized by Alexander Rothenberg and Maria Zhu. Topics will include theoretical and applied microeconomics, with speakers from SU and other universities. Speakers will discuss their own work or important recent contributions to microeconomics.

All fall seminars will be held in person. This page will be updated regularly with the seminar links if they are moved to Zoom. Presentations start at 11:00 a.m.

To be added to the email list for this seminar please contact the department.

Spring 2022

Date  Speaker and Institution Title 
February 23

 Analisa Packham

(Vanderbilt University)

“Effects of Unemployment Insurance Duration on Nonemployment, Wages, and Health”
 March 9

Manasi Deshpande

(University of Chicago)

“The (Lack of) Dynamic Effects of the Social Safety Net on Human Capital Investment"
April 4th

Karthik Mulralidharan

(UC San Diego)

"General Equilibrium Effects of (Improving) Public Employment Programs: Experimental Evidence from India"
 April 6

Zhanhan Yu and Alfonso Flores-Lagunes

(Syracuse University)

“Monopsony in Academia and the Gender Pay Gap: Evidence from California"

April 13

Joshua Goodman

(Boston University)

"The COVID-19 Pandemic Disrupted Both School Bullying and Cyberbullying"
April 20

Kalena Cortes

(Texas A & M)


April 27Ashvin Gandhi
"Minimum Wage and Employment Composition"

Fall 2021

Date  Speaker and Institution Title 
 September 8

 Steve Billings

(University of Colorado-Boulder)

“Partisan Residential Sorting on Climate Change Risk”

October 27

Kristian Behrens


"Prime Locations" 

(joint with Gabriel Ahlfeldt and Thilo Albers)

November 10

Matthew Turner

(University of Colorado)

"The Value of Piped Water and Sewers: Evidence from 19th Century Chicago"

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