Award Descriptions

  • Maxwell Citizen - aims to acknowledge someone who has had an impact on the local Maxwell community as well as the Syracuse University community.
  • Maxwell Rising Star - aims to acknowledge a new employee(s) that have made an impact early on in their career.
  • Maxwell Legacy - aims to acknowledge an employee who has dedicated 15 or more years to the Maxwell school.
  • Maxwell Champion Award - aims to acknowledge a meaningful one-on-one encounter with a peer, student or faculty member.

Nomination Forms 

Click on the link above to nominate a co-worker for one of the following awards:

Maxwell Champion Award 

Maxwell Citizen Award 

Maxwell Rising Star Award 

Maxwell Legacy Award 

Past Award Winners

Maxwell Citizen Award:

Amy Kennedy (2021)

Julie Davis (2022)

Jackie Wells (2022)

Maxwell Rising Star Award:

Stephanie Williams (2021)

Jessica Whitley (2021)

Stephanie Worden (2022)

Maxwell Legacy Award:

Peg Austin (2021)

Kelley Coleman (2022)

Maxwell Champions (comprehensive):

Angela Allen

Christina Cleason

Kelley Coleman

Holly Johnson

Kristi Vega

Havva Karakes Keles 

Josh Kennedy 

Amy Schmidt 

Roxanne Tupper

Cory Meyers

Bethany Walawender

Tammy Salisbury

Morgan Narkiewcz

Stephanie Worden 

Brian von Knoblauch 

Jacquie Meyer

Nell Bartkowiak

Natalie Dascoulias

Heather Macknik

StAR Committee Award (Covid Recognition): 

Nell Bartkowiak (2021)

StAR Committee Award (Exceptional Service):

Karen Tavernese (2021)

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