1) Name

The name of this organization will be the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs Staff Council, hereafter referred to as the Maxwell Staff Council or MSC.

2) Mission

The Maxwell Staff Council will serve the staff by providing enrichment opportunities, supporting initiatives that cultivate a positive work environment, facilitating communication, and advocating on behalf of the staff.

3) Membership and Meetings

a) The voting members of the Staff of the Maxwell School shall consist of all permanent, benefits-eligible staff members.

b) There shall be at least one general meeting of all Staff during each semester of the academic year.

c) A quorum is established upon attendance of 60% percent of the voting eligible staff.

d) A proposed measure is adopted by show of a simple majority vote of the quorum.

e) In the case of a multi-way tie, existing members of the Staff Council shall elect the next eligible member using random selection. The outcome of the random selection shall be communicated to the Staff of the Maxwell School via email. The newly elected member's term of service shall commence immediately.

4) The Maxwell Staff Council

a) Purpose

i) To provide a forum for staff participation in relevant and important discussions and act as a liaison between staff and Maxwell/SU leadership.

ii) To serve as a mechanism of communication for the administration regarding proposed actions, programs, policies, and procedures that will affect the staff.

iii) To serve as a peer representative body for benefits eligible Maxwell staff.

iv) To coordinate staff activities.

b) Purview

All actions of the MSC shall be reported to the Staff and may be reviewed by the Staff at its next All-Staff meeting. At the All-Staff meeting, a majority vote, a quorum being present, can rescind any action, in whole or in part, of the MSC. The MSC may, at its own initiative and discretion, convene a meeting of the entire Staff for issues it deems important; the Chair of the MSC will preside. The MSC will not act in any specific employee/employer matter, nor will it assume the role of arbitrator in such matters.

c) Initial Membership

The MSC shall be made up of five or seven members. After adoption of the bylaws, a solicitation will go out to all eligible staff asking for nominations or self-nominations. The Dean shall distribute an electronic ballot listing all nominees to all members of the Staff, who will be asked to vote for up to seven members from the list. The results will be reviewed by the MSC workgroup. The nominees receiving the most votes shall be elected to the Council. The terms of office for the Council’s initial members shall commence immediately following their election. At its first meeting, the Council shall designate its members to one and two-year terms so that not all of its members are replaced within the same year. [If five are elected, three serve two-year terms and two serve one-year terms; or if seven are elected, four serve two-years and three serve one-year].

d) Subsequent Membership

In all subsequent years, the Secretary of the MSC shall ask for nominations. The Secretary shall distribute a ballot listing all nominees to all members of the Staff, who will be asked to vote for up to three members from the list. The nominees receiving the most votes shall be elected to the Council.

e) Term of Office

Each member, with the exception of the first year, shall serve a two-year term. Members of Staff Council are eligible to serve two full terms consecutively, after which they may not be re-elected for two years.

Upon three absences within one academic year (of the monthly MSC meetings), the member shall be removed from office.

f) Officers

Following each election, the Council shall designate a Chair and a Secretary from among the Council’s members.

i) Chair responsibilities

(1) Act as a liaison between the MSC and the Dean.

(2) Fulfill directives adopted by the MSC.

(3) Ensure adherence to the MSC bylaws.

(4) Serve as a point of contact for committees outside of regular meetings.

(5) Disseminate information to the MSC in a timely fashion.

(6) Preside at all regular and special meetings.

(7) Call special meetings when deemed necessary.

(8) Act as an advisor during the transition from one administration to another.

(9) Handle all budgetary matters for the MSC.

ii) Secretary responsibilities

(1) Take notes and attendance for all MSC and All-Staff meetings.

(2) Collect meeting minutes from the ad hoc and standing committees after each meeting.

(3) Announce and take nominations for MSC elections.

(4) Distribute a ballot/slate for all MSC nominations.

(5) Create a calendar of meeting dates that will be shared at the beginning of each semester.

(6) Stand in as chair, should the chair be unable to fulfill duties at meetings or events.

g) Vacancies

Vacancies will be created by termination of service to the University, resignation, removal, or retirement. University-approved leave will not be counted as an absence. Regardless of the reason for vacancy, when a MSC seat becomes empty, the MSC will appoint a new member for the remainder of the term. Any staff member who fills a vacant seat midterm will not be considered to have served a full term as it applies to re-election eligibility.

5) Meeting Frequency and scheduling

a) The MSC meets monthly, and all MSC members will be expected to attend. These meetings are open to committee chairs.

b) There will be one All-Staff meeting per semester, which is open to all staff. An agenda will be sent out two weeks prior to the All-Staff meeting.

c) The next regular MSC meeting time and place will be announced at each MSC meeting, with a reminder to follow from the secretary.

d) Monthly meetings may be postponed or cancelled by the MSC chair or by a majority decision by members of the MSC. Reasonable effort to announce the time and place shall precede a rescheduled meeting.

e) Extraordinary circumstances may warrant a special meeting to consider urgent topics.

f) Any staff member can submit items, verbally or in writing, to any member of MSC for discussion at the next MSC or All-Staff meeting.

6) Standing and Ad Hoc Committees

a) Standing Committees

A permanent committee that meets regularly with defined results.

i) MaxPro: A one-day staff retreat.

ii) Max Facts: Training outside of MaxPro.

iii) Holiday Exchange: Maxwell Gift Basket event.

b) Ad Hoc Committees

A committee formed for a specific objective.

i) Any staff member can bring forth a proposal for an ad hoc committee.

ii) The MSC will form ad hoc committees as needed.

iii) The MSC will solicit volunteers for these committees.

iv) An ad hoc committee may become a standing committee through a majority vote of the staff.

v) In the event a proposal is not accepted by the MSC, a staff member may present their idea during an open discussion period at the All-Staff meeting.

c) Committee Responsibilities

Once assembled, a chair will be designated by the committee. The chair is responsible for providing the MSC with a brief update on the group’s progress for each MSC meeting, as well as noting event or program plans.

7) Amendment of the Bylaws

a) These bylaws shall take effect upon adoption by a majority vote of the Maxwell Staff, as defined in Section 3.

b) These bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the staff as defined in Section 3.

Adopted [8/12/19]

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