Program Description

The Certificate of Advanced Study (CAS) in South Asia is available to Syracuse University students in all graduate programs who are looking to supplement their degree with an interdisciplinary approach to the cultures, politics, history, arts, and current events of this region. Students are required to complete at least twelve (12) credits.

Obtaining the Certificate

Students interested in obtaining the CAS should consult the list of approved courses. Application for the Certificate should be made by first consulting with the student's Faculty Advisor who will determine whether the student can pursue the Certificate consistent with the requirements of his/her degree program and then by speaking with Matthew Baxter, regional programs manager--Asia (346 F Eggers;  315.443-2553;

Administrative Steps

Two forms must be filled out and delivered to the South Asia Center to complete this stage of the application process:

1. Students who have completed 12 graduate credit hours in approved courses dealing with South Asia should complete a Graduate Enrollment Internal Admission Application Form. Graduate students may apply at any time after they are matriculated in a graduate program at Syracuse University. Once this paperwork is complete, please submit it to Matthew Baxter who will process the paperwork and pass it on to the Graduate Admissions Office (621 Skytop Road). Please note that the Program code for CAS-South Asia is SO20C.

2. The Program of Study Form has to be signed by the student's advisor and by Prema Kurien, Director of the South Asia Center. The Program of Study will be held by Matthew Baxter until all the requirements for the Certificate (12 credits) are complete, after which time Matthew will submit this form to the Graduate School (304 Lyman Hall) in a timely manner before the student's expected graduate date so that the documents and information can be gathered as the date approaches.

Please also remember that a Graduate Diploma Request Form must be completed through MySlice during the semester that the student will graduate. For those planning on graduating in December, the card must be filed no later than November 1. Those graduating in May must submit the paperwork no later than March 1. For other deadlines, please check the Graduate School website. Students must complete a separate form for each of their degree programs as each results in its own degree date and diploma.

Program Requirements

The courses listed below are currently approved for the Certificate of Advanced Study. In addition to these courses, credits from Independent Study courses in any discipline may be counted toward the Certificate if the content of such courses, as formally certified by the professor concerned, principally addresses South Asian topics. Graduate students can also petition to have any other course count as long as it has at least 30% South Asia content and the student writes their final paper on a South Asian topic.  

Candidates for the CAS must take one of the following courses:

Candidates for the CAS must take one of the following courses
Course NumberCourse Name 
ANT/SAS 621Gender & Sexuality in South Asia
ANT 625Problems in the Anthropology of South Asia
ANT/SAS/PAI 626Cultures and Politics of Afghanistan and Pakistan
HIN 620Hindi for Research Purposes
HST 775Readings and Research in South Asian History
REL 687Global Hinduism

Candidates can choose three other courses from the list below:

Candidates can choose three other courses from the list below:
Course Number Course Name 
ANT/SAS 621 Gender & Sexuality in South Asia
ANT 625 Problems in the Anthropology of South Asia
ANT/SAS/PAI 626Cultures and Politics of Afghanistan and Pakistan
ANT/REL 628*Muslim Rituals, Practices and Performances
ANT 756*Development Anthropology
ANT/GEO/ WGS 764*Gender and Globalization
HIN 620 Hindi for Research Purposes
HST 715*Readings and Research in American History: Subaltern and New Social History
HST 775Readings and Research in South Asian History
LIN 671*Dimensions of Bilingualism & Multiculturalism
LIN 681*Global Communication through World Englishes
PAI 707*Culture in World Affairs
PAI 710*International Actors and Issues
PAI 715*Topics in Global Development
PAI 758*Local Public Finance in Developing and Transition Economies
PAI 759*Girls' Education in the Developing World
REL 621*Teaching World Religions in Theory & Practice
REL 625*Pluralism in Islam
REL/SAS 626*Muslim Women Beyond the Veil
REL 627*Globalization and Religion: Process & Problems
REL 687Global Hinduism
REL 692*Other People's Religions
REL 696*Gender and Religion: Theory & Practice
REL 699*Writing Religions & Cultures  

*Some South Asian content is included (30% or more). Students may use these courses for the certificate only if they write their research paper on a South Asian topic.

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