There are a few nuances to creating a new faculty page listings that website maintainers should understand.  This page covers both the basic required information to be entered for faculty listings as well as  the unique needs of some specific fields on this people form. 

These are the essential fields that should be filled out for all new faculty listings:

  • Full Name 
    Please enter the faculty member's name in this order Last Name, First Name, Middle Initial.  If the faculty name is Jane Marie Doe, then their name should be entered as Doe, Jane Marie.

  • First Name 
    If middle initial is used, enter it after here with their first name and  follow the initial with a period (i.e. William C.)

  • Last Name

  • Start date
    The start date is the date this individual began their role in Maxwell.  If a specific start day is not know, then use the date picker to choose the first day of the month when the faculty began working in Maxwell.  The Sitefinity date selector includes a time field which can be disregarded (allowing it to default to 12:00 AM is fine).   

  • Link to Details Page: Y or N
    There are a number of places on the Maxwell School website where listings of people are automatically generated.  In most cases the names of these people will be linked to a more detailed view of their profile.  This is the default behavior in our site.  However, if you either want to prevent their name from being linked or link their name to an external web site (i.e. personal web site or web site from another school or college), you may control this behavior here.  Affiliated faculty in research centers is an example of this.

  • Title 1 (More on titles here.)
    For Maxwell faculty: enter their teaching role with their home unit such as "Professor" or "Assistant Professor". If they have two or more titles in the SAME unit, use both i.e. "Professor and Chair".
    When changing a FACULTY title, please confirm you have verified this change with their home department and and include gave this approval when submitting the update.

  • Title 1 Unit
    Connect person to their unit (department, center, etc.) here. This creates links on people pages back to their respective units.

  • Titles and Units 2 - 7
    Use titles 2 through 5 to create affiliations with other units as-needed.

  • Unit and Program Relationships
    These two fields (Units & Teaches for programs) provide additional filtering options to connect faculty to programs they are involved in.   Note: Teaches for Programs is currently specific to the ESP and MAIR programs.

    To add a Unit: click on the button and choose "Show all units for people listings".  This will allow you to define the specific relationship the faculty has to the unit.  The "Relationship" and "Faculty type" will need to be set.  If the faculty member has a "Leadership" (chair, director, etc.)  role too, that can also be defined here. 

  • Photo (More on photos here.)
    Send original headshot photo to the Maxwell Communications team by emailing it to 

  • Email
    Use faculty member's address. Do not list their "" address.

  • Office number
    Include both room and building name "123 Eggers Hall".

  • Telephone
    Phone numbers should use periods instead of parentheses and hyphens, e.g. 315.443.2252.

  • CV (More on CVs here.)
    Use a pdf file format. The file must be accessible as per the University's accessibility policy. When uploading a new file, you will be prompted to enter the name of the person who reviewed the file for accessibility.

  • Degree
    This should be the highest degree earned only. If a faculty member or student has earned more than one degree of the same level, include these as well. The format: Degree, Institution, Year (if provided)

  • Biography (More on Bios here.)
    A narrative biography, these can be 1-3 paragraphs where the paragraphs are 2-3 sentences in length (to facilitate readability).

  • Research Areas
    To be completed for all faculty entries.  Academic Departments had provided lists of research areas specific to their unit.  These items have been added to the selector used in this field.

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