Maxwell Insights: Diversity and Inclusion Spotlight (Bi-Weekly Newsletter) 

Dear Maxwell Community,

Welcome to the "Maxwell DEIA Spotlight" newsletter! We are excited to launch this platform dedicated to highlighting Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) initiatives within our vibrant Maxwell community and across campus.

Our goal with this newsletter is simple yet powerful: to spotlight and celebrate the remarkable DEIA efforts, big or small, within our community. These initiatives are the building blocks of a more inclusive and equitable Maxwell, and we want to ensure they receive the recognition they deserve.

We encourage all members of our community to actively engage with us. If you witness, participate in, or hear about any DEIA-related activities or achievements that you believe should be highlighted in our biweekly letter, please don't hesitate to contact Stephanie Williams at or call at 3-3272. Your contributions and insights are invaluable as we work together to foster a culture of DEIA excellence at Maxwell.

Thank you for being a part of this important journey with us.

Newsletter Archive

Teaching Resources for Navigating HOT Moments in the Classroom

Maxwell Teaching Resource Memo - October 20, 2023

Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence - DEIA Workshop Series

Trauma-Informed Teaching Practices

Discussion on Stress-Aware/Trauma-Informed Teaching - Video

Resources for Responding to Student Concerns about Escalating Conflict and Violence in the Middle East

Responding to Challenging Moments and Disruptive Behavior in the Classroom

Insight from a University of Sarajevo Philosopher on Teaching to Promote Peace in Discussion of Violent Conflict

Stress-Aware and Trauma-Informed Practices

Supporting Our Students

Hot Moments Workshop - Part 2

Navigating High-Choice European Political Information Environments: A Comparative Analysis of News User Profiles and Political Knowledge 

Information Overload: An Overview

Doom Scrolling and Its Effect On Your Mental Health

Trauma in the US Intelligence Community

Maxwell Affinity Groups

Maxwell is home to a few different affinity groups for faculty, staff, alumni, and graduate students of color, as well as for international graduate students. These school-wide groups bring together individuals with similar identities to provide community and additional mentoring and to empower them during their time in Maxwell. They are intended to complement similar groups across the broader campus and aim to fill gaps to ensure we are creating an environment where everyone feels they belong. 

To learn about existing groups in Maxwell, join them, or voice your interest in establishing other groups, please contact:

Faculty of Color - Gladys McCormick (

Staff of Color - Stephanie Williams (

Syracuse University offers campus-wide resources for community-building within the Intercultural Collective at the Schine Student Center—including the Office of Multicultural Affairs, the Disability Cultural Center, and the LGBTQ Resource Center.

Students are also encouraged to inquire within Maxwell’s academic departments for a range of involvement opportunities, including clubs, honor societies, Living Learning Communities, and more. Visit Maxwell’s public events calendar for Culture and Conversation Tables, where you can practice non-English languages and learn about different world regions.

Campus Affinity Groups

How to Establish an Affinity Group

Multicultural Calendar of Events

Syracuse University Campus Training and Resources


National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity (Faculty)

DEIA Workshop Series (Faculty)(asynchronous)

      1. Establishing Civility and Positive Climate in Your Teaching Environment
      2. Identifying and Reducing Implicit Bias in Pedagogical Decision-Making
      3. Navigating Challenges of Diversity in the Classroom
      4. Problematizing Identity and Intersectionality on the College Campus
      5. Transparent Teaching: An Evidence-Based Inclusive Practice

Office Of Equal Opportunity, Inclusion, and Resolution Services (Faculty/Staff)

      1. Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Training (Faculty/Staff)
      2. Sexual Harassment Prevention Annual Training (Faculty/Staff – Required)
      3. DiversityEdu (Faculty)
      4. Contact Chris Percoski at for more information.
        1. Bridges: Building a Supportive Community – online course (Faculty/Staff)
        2. Bridges: Taking Action – online course (Faculty/Staff)
        3. Managing Bias – online course (Faculty/Staff)
        4. Fostering a Culture of Inclusion – In person (Faculty/Staff)
        5. Being a Responsible Employee under Title IX – in person (Faculty/Staff)
        6. Diversity – Valuing Inclusion – in person (Faculty/Staff)
        7. Managing Bias – in person (Faculty/Staff)
        8. Culture and Communication – in person (Faculty/Staff)

Sign-up for an upcoming training through the Wellness Leadership Institute.

      1. Student Consultation and Making a Referral
      2. Bulk Sexual Health Supplies Order Form
      3. Crowley Family MindSpa Appointments
      4. Distressed Student Support
      5. Faculty/Staff Training Request Form
      6. Pharmacy Services
      7. Wellness Education Request Form (Wellness Leadership Institute Workshops)
      8. Recreation Memberships
      9. Reporting Title IX, Sexual and Relationship Violence
      10. Supporting the Student Wellness Journey
      11. Training and Education

Center For Teaching and Learning Excellence

      1. Teaching and Learning in the Age of Artificial Intelligence
      2. Designing Equity-Minded and Aligned Syllabi featuring Mary-Ann Winklemes
      3. COVID-Related and Other Absenteeism
      4. Health and Wellness Resources
      5. Teaching Classes Online
      6. Syllabus Resources
      7. Assessment
      8. 24/7 Teaching Recourses

Other Resources:

      1. Office of Diversity and Inclusion
      2. Center for Disability FAQ for Faculty and Staff
      3. DEIA workshops that Human Resources offers


Office Of Equal Opportunity, Inclusion, and Resolution Services (Student)

      1. Contact Chris Percoski at for more information.
        1. Title IX for Students – Understanding and Presenting Sexual & Relationship Violence – in person (Student)

Campus Community Standards: Stop Bias and Hate

      1. Programs and Events —STOP Bias hosts and sponsors programming and events in collaboration with campus partners to educate about bias, cultural competency, and promote inclusion on campus. Workshops available upon request:
        1. Managing Implicit Bias
        2. Allyship 101
        3. Bias Intervention and Response
        4. Disrupting Racial Bias
        5. Bias Response Recourse Presentation
        6. Decision Making
        7. Character Strengths
        8. Conflict Coaching
        9. Conduct Process Overview (Focus on Faculty, Staff, and Student Organizations)
      2. Individualized interventions —sometimes, as a result of a bias-related incident report students may either be required to receive or choose to receive 1:1 bias education.
      3. Outreach —STOP Bias distributes a number of promotional materials at various events and spaces throughout the community to raise awareness around conscious and unconscious bias.
      4. To request a STOP Bias team presentation, please email us at

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